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Ubcoin Marketplace is the next generation trading platform!

Ubcoin Marketplace is a global mobile market to buy and sell real-world stuff for the cryptocurrency. The number of cryptocurrency holders is projected to increase by almost 10-fold, from the current 22 million to 200 million worldwide by 2020. The easiest way to become a cryptocurrency owner is to sell items for crypto. This approach will encourage mass adoption in the coming years. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency is about $ 400 billion. There is a great demand to spend that wealth by buying real world stuff for crypto. Almost half of all online purchasing and selling activities are now taking place in the market, while mobile commerce will soon surpass web commerce as global smartphone penetration reaches 37% of the world population by 2020.

Currently, tens of millions of people directly have cryptids. Hundreds of millions of people around the world are aware of crypto and want to get it. Many are referred to as investments with the usual results, and others are looking for that provided by blockchain technology. The massive adoption of crypto is inevitable and imminent. The causes and credits are given to many entrepreneurs and visionaries who pursue footprints, including the Source of Tiles and a very clear object, Telegram. When mass adoption will take place sooner than later. Customers need an easy, fast, and secure way to earn digital money.

Ubcoin Marketplace - the next jump for Ubank, which leads mobile payment applications in Eastern Europe. Now with Ethereum blockchain, UBC currency traded on the exchange, and a peer-to-peer smart contract to buy things for the cryptocurrency. The Ubcoin market will be part of Ubank's app as a new feature.

Why invest in Ubcoin?
Ubcoin cuts the hype with sound apps that leverage the new revolutionary technology to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world. Investors are not betting on unknown discoveries or just an idea. The value comes from an experienced team and a transparent business model solves real problems and captures real opportunities that no one knows better than a crypto investor. Ubcoin Marketplace captures the following opportunities:

• How to use cryptocurrency for real-world purchases?
• How to get cryptocurrency for newbie mass consumers?

Summary of Project Credentials
• Existing companies, since 2009;
• The current product, Ubank, has over 16 million installations worldwide;
• 50+ top management and talent developers and advisers;
• Ubcoin will enhance and rediscover existing product value propositions;
• Samsung and Fly pre-installed current products on all smartphones, sold in CIS, included Galaxy flagship Samsung 9.

Market Opportunity Analysis
Digital shopping is increasing in prevalence in the world. The number of digital buyers worldwide is projected to surpass 2 billion people by 2020.

Not just the number of buyers projected to grow, but also the total online shopping share of global retail sales will surpass 15%

In many retail categories, online shopping has become a preferred channel over traditional offline stores.

Buyers are also increasingly moving toward smartphones versus desktop spending, as smartphone penetration will increase globally to 37% of the world's population.

Market transactions accounted for 44% of the $ 2.44 trillion spent online in 2016. Nearly 50% of US consumers say they have purchased goods online from overseas sources, according to UPS and comScore studies.

Peer-to-peer transactions are becoming increasingly global. Cross-border e-commerce has accounted for 15% of all package shipments. By 2020, this section is expected to increase to 20% (The Economist, E-Commerce Special Report, pp. 13, Oct 28, 2017).

Ubcoin Token Detail

  • Token Parameters

Token role = Utility token for contract completion and smart cost
Ubcoin = Marketplace
Token = UBC abbreviation
Token name = UBCoin
Emission rate = No new coins will be created after the end of the token sale
Maximum supply (Hard Copi) = 4,000,000,000 UBC
Network Token = Ethereum (extended ERC20)

Distribution of Token Supply
Hard Cap Distribution = Percent of Maximum Supply = Max Quantity token
Pre-Selling Personal Limited = 5% 200 000 000
Public Placement (ICO) = 45% 1 800 000 000
Team Allocation * = 12% = 480 000 000
Bounty & Advisors * = 4% = 160 000 000
Community Rewards * = 3% = 120 000 000
Reserve Pool * = 31% = 1 240 000 000
Number of Supply = 100% = 4 000 000 000

Pre-Sales Private Limited
Starting March 10, 2018 00:00:00 GMT
Ended March 31, 2018 23:59:59 GMT, or earlier after reaching the Hard Cap stage
Hard Cap for Private PreSale 21 500 ETH
Price Placement 1 UBC = 0,0000535705 ETH (or 1 ETH = 18 667 UBC)
Discount for Sale Token Price 57%

Public Token Sale Details
Started April 2, 2018 00:00:01 GMT
Ended May 31, 2018 23:59:59 GMT, or earlier after reaching the Hard Cap stage
Hard Cap (Maximum) Provide) 157 500 ETH
Minimum Transaction Amount 0.01 ETH

Schedule Price Price Token for each stage below
Intelligent contract distribution is used to generate and transfer tokens after receiving ETH.

List to Plan in Exchange after ICO is completed

Press about Ubcoin / Ubank

Thank you for reading my article on UBCOIN. I look forward to you being able to access in this great project.

This encourages the official website for more information please visit:

Website: http://ubicoin.io
White Paper: http://doc.ubcoin.io/whitepaper.pdf?v1
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3,109,856.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubcoin
Facebook: https://facebook.com/Ubcoin-838741126308809/
Telegram: https://t.me/ubcoinmarket

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