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DEEP AERO The Drone People

An autonomous drone economy powered by AI & Blockchain, which will change the urban transportation system by bringing on-demand aviation and cargo delivery to your fingertips.

About Deep Aero
DEEP AERO is aiming to build an autonomous drone economy powered by AI & Blockchain. The DEEP AERO UNMANNED TRAFFIC MANAGER (UTM) aims to be a harmonized framework for air traffic management (ATM) and Drone/UAS traffic management (UTM). The platform aims to be an autonomous, decentralized, self-governing, intelligent drone and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) traffic management platform that will be able to ensure safe manned/unmanned aircraft activity in the shared airspace. The platform will be driven by AI and blockchain technologies.
Competitors: AERO, Drone Energy, Mota, Auto-Pilot, Dorado Drones, AirBase
Uniqueness/Advantages to competition: Little to none.

DEEP AERO is meant to be an autonomous drone economy powered by AI and blockchain technology. There is currently a publicly accessible GitHub with (21) repositories for the project. The beta dev/testing of the blockchain and full platform launch are planned for after the ICO (see Roadmap). There is an appeal to the DEEP AERO product, given the increasing demand for drone technology services and decentralization. There is a disruptive advantage as it would enable users to have access to a transparent drone economy secured by blockchain tech. The potential/target user-base will grow with drone services demand, along with the adoption of cryptocurrency in the general population. There is currently a very large amount of legacy competition in the drone economy (DJI, AeroVironment), and blockchain competition will greatly stiffen over time as adoption continues, given the size of the target market.
Competitors: AERO, Drone Energy, Mota, Auto-Pilot, Dorado Drones, AirBase

Use of Blockchain
The DRONE token is ERC-20 standard and is the main utility for transactions in DEEP AERO marketplace and ecosystem.
DEEP AEROS’ contribution to blockchain development is in the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain for the creation of a decentralized and transparent drone economy.
The project’s primary disruptive advantage is based on its use of advanced technologies – drone tech + AI tech + blockchain tech – in a combined and novel fashion.
The need for a custom token is in allowing users to gain access to the platform and participate in the drone economy and ecosystem.
The contribution to the blockchain ecosystem is in developing a new decentralized drone economy powered by AI and blockchain technology.

The DRONE token is the main utility for transactions in DEEP AERO’s marketplace and ecosystem. The token smart-contract code is not posted for review and there is no publicly accessible GitHub repo for the project. There is an existing legacy platform with mobile apps available on the website for testing. The whitepaper and token sale document contain a disclaimer and a discussion of risk factors. The token sale document provides a thorough term of sale and states that KYC is enforced with a registration process that is also compliant with AML/CFT laws. The legal disclaimer states that the tokens are intended for use as functional utility tokens and come with no warranties. The pre-sale token purchase agreement aims to absolve the company of any liability regarding the ICO and any problems that may occur and provide a general statement that the tokens are not to be deemed a security and will comply with all laws in areas which the platform is offered.

Penjualan Token
Total pasokan: 5 miliar DRONE
Harga Token: Jika 1 ETH = 1.000 USD maka 1 DRONE = 0,05 USD
Hard Cap: 2.5 milyar DRONE
Min Cap: N / A
* Token yang tidak dijual di ICO akan dibakar setelah selesainya ICO

Struktur Bonus
> 100 ETH 10-100 ETH <10 ETH
Pra-penjualan 35% 30% 25%
Fase 1 25% 20% 15%
Fase 2 15% 10% 5%
Fase 3 0% 0% 0%

Alokasi Token
50% ICO
25% Founders (Terkunci selama 24-bulan)
10% Penasihat
10% Pra-penjualan
05% Pemasaran

Distribusi Hasil ICO
50% Penelitian & Pengembangan
25% Pemasaran & Promosi
Administrasi 10%
10% Infrastruktur Teknologi
05% Hukum

Kehadiran Media Sosial & Mengikuti
Ada beberapa keterlibatan dan penerimaan komunitas.

Company and Team
DEEP AERO has an established team with 13 team members and 10 advisors.
The core team has experience in drone technology, automation, finance, sales/marketing, software development/architecture and consultation, blockchain design/development, and ICO advisement.
The advisors have experience with drones, blockchain development, law, finance, investments, AI, machine learning, blockchain projects, and unmanned delivery systems. The chief blockchain architect has experience working with blockchain projects like wager and Surabaya.
All advisors and team members have verifiable work experience credentials via LinkedIn profiles, however, some profiles provide little information. Some members of the team appear to be dedicated to other projects outside of DEEP AERO.
Positives: The core team is well rounded with a dedicated sales staff, some core members and advisors who have previous experience or are part of cryptocurrency/blockchain/smart-contract projects, and many blockchain developers.
Negatives: Not all members are fully dedicated to the project.

A vague project roadmap is given with milestones presented on a monthly basis. Obstacles lie ahead as development/deployment of the beta and final platform will occur after the ICO. The roadmap provides major milestones and no descriptions of the intermediate steps required to complete each milestone.

Platform Roadmap:
Oct. 2017 Concept development of DEEP AERO ecosystem
Nov. 2017 DEEP AERO UTM Platform Development
Jan. 2018 DEEP AERO Whitepaper
Mar. 2018 DEEP AERO Token Pre-sale
May 2018 DEEP AERO Token ICO / DEEP AERO Drone Marketplace Development
Jun. 2018 DEEP AERO Cargo Drone research and development
Jul. 2018 Launch DEEP AERO Drone Market Place Beta Version
Aug. 2018 DEEP AERO Passenger Drones research and development
Sep. 2018 Launch DEEP AERO Marketplace
Nov. 2018 DEEP AERO Cargo Drone testing
Dec. 2018 Blockchain deployment for DEEP AERO UTM Platform
Jan. 2019 DEEP AERO Passenger Drone testing
Apr. 2019 Launch DEEP AERO UTM Platform Beta Version
Jul. 2019 Launch DEEP AERO Cargo Drones
Oct. 2019 Launch DEEP AERO UTM Platform
Jan. 2019 Launch DEEP AERO Passenger Drones

For more info, please see one of the links below:

WEBSITE: https://www.deepaero.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://www.deepaero.com/docs/DEEP-AerO-White-paper.pdf
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/c/deepaerodrones
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/DeepAeroDrones/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/deepaerodrones
LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/deep-aero-drones/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/DeepAeroDrones

LINK BCT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=771836
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