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The First-Ever Commodity - Crypto Exchange well designed by traders for traders. Digital Ticks Exchange is just not another crypto to crypto exchange but is also a semi-algorithm platform provider in its own. Digital Ticks Exchange plans to cater to all types of crypto assets as well as a commodity to crypto assets. Digital Ticks Exchange would be power packed by a lot of advanced features including all the basic features of an exchange required by a novice trader to a professional trader as well as for a high-frequency trader. Digital Ticks Exchange would not levy any transaction charges for first few months of inception thereby giving traders to trade on zero transaction charges.

How does Digital Ticks Exchange work?

It is a user-friendly exchange, having a multi-functional interface with an exchange platform, where a short waiting time with a reliable system is implemented to ensure the convenience of trading. - absolutely every user is important and valuable to protect the privacy and security of his wallet. The team working on the Digital Ticks Exchange platform paid special attention specifically to ensuring this measure. To do this, the platform has Multi Signature Wallets, Google's 2-factor authentication and DDoS protection. - The revenue model consists of commissions for exchange, commission fees, listing fees and several micro-transactions to make the trading process smooth.

Benefits of the platform for users

  • It provides several features such as crypto-crypto currency pair, commodity-crypto pair, spot trading, futures, algorithms and high-frequency trading, decentralized exchange and much more for ease of trading.
  • Digital Ticks would support trading in BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, DTx, GOLD, SILVER and more such pairs over time.
  • The exchange has undergone several security checks to keep clients assets and personal data safe.
  • It keeps a cold storage of Bitcoins or absence from the web server to ensure their ready availability and enhance further security.
  • Digital wallets on DTx would be using MULTISIG, multi signatures to add an extra layer of security cryptocurrency transactions.
  • DTx takes into account two-factor authentication at the time of login and an additional email confirmation at the time of withdrawal.
  • DTx would further employ DDoS protection to protect from any kind of hacks.

Also, the project has a very interesting referral program. For example, you advised your friend to buy tokens of this platform, which is called DTX. With its purchase, you will receive five percent. And your friend will also receive five percent. This will be achieved through a special referral fund, which was created by the company. Simply put, when you buy one thousand tokens, you get 50 tokens, and your friend who bought DTX will receive 1050 tokens. Simple math is nothing more.

Benefits of the platform for traders
  • Traders can place multiple orders in different instruments through a dedicated window.
  • Single Click portfolio would provide for the ease of looking at multiple instruments on a single screen.
  • DTx further provides for OCO (one cancels the other) order where both the transactions square off simultaneously.
  • It provides for trading through mouse and short keys called as hotkeys.
  • Those with high volume trades will be offered trading fees discount. By sharing the unique referral link provided by exchange traders can avail 5% benefit of the commission earned by the exchange.
  • It will further provide for ease of operations through web-based trading, windows based trading, Android native app, iOS app, and API interface.


 DTX token would is available now for purchase. The token is a UTILITY Token, and generation is strictly limit to 128 million DTX tokens. There will be no further creation of the tokens. This will increase the advantage token holders will have on the platform. The DTX token is an ERC20 compatible token and was built on Ethereum blockchain technology. 50% of the tokens, amounting to 64,000,000 DTX will be sold during the ICO. DTX token sale will open for pre-sale from 25th March 2018. You can purchase DTX token by giving equivalent amount of BTC / ETH / WIRE TRANSFER. Wire transfer would be acceptable through the Intermediaries across the globe.


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