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GrabAMeal Decentralized Meal Sharing in Blockchain

GrabAMeal is a decentralized peer-to-peer dining sharing platform for food lovers. Sellers will be able to put their passion and attention on the food they make to buyers looking for simple and affordable food, with minimum intermediation, lower cost, and higher value.

The world is becoming more global and mobile. People move around the world, from one city to another and from one place to another for pleasure or for work. In all this busy and limited time life, find the favored food and want to usually take the back seat. Whether a person is traveling alone for business or for work, or someone traveling with a family to a new destination, finding a place to eat can be a real challenge. Moreover, eating out, recommended and listed restaurants can be very draining pockets, while not guaranteeing the satisfaction a person is looking for.

Since the advent of Blockchain in 2008 for use in bitcoin, as a public transaction ledger and making it the first digital currency to solve the issue of double expenditure without the need for authorized authorities has been the inspiration of other Applications. Developments over the past few years have led to the beginning of "Economic Sharing" with many distributed applications becoming "Blockchain" enabled with crypto tokens and smart contracts becoming the core of the trust mechanism. There are disruptions in many common business models, such as room sharing, taxi booking, food sharing and other applications involving financial transactions between unknown parties to each other.

How food vendors will benefit from joining the platform

The GrabAmeal Platform involves 4 categories of people in the workflow process. This is the seller, who will cook and sell the food; buyers, who will buy food, independent auditors, and suppliers and suppliers to the seller. Each category of recipients has the unique benefit of GrabAmeal registration, the seller's benefits are a clear factor here.

How to coordinate seller mode?
This is a global platform where sellers can include their presence to preview food buyers. Professional chefs and other cooks can register their names as sellers. Initially the seller will be verified by the GrabAmeal checklist and the usual KYC process.

Data not forged
The seller will send their profile and the data will be stored in the blockchain. These data can not be destroyed or information will be lost. People from all over the world will recognize the name of the seller and the profile of the activity and the region in which he is interested in supplying his food business.

Verify and trust to build profiles
The GrabAMeal platform will validate each and every seller through a verification and trust process, by applying a fully blocked review of blockchain and feedback mechanisms online. GrabAMeal may enable an independent audit mechanism involving third-party volunteers and food experts, which will confirm the seller's offerings and also participate in the dispute resolution process established by the GrabAMeal platform.

Smart contract mechanism
The GrabAMeal course aims to uphold trust in the system through a process of enduring intelligent contract mechanism for all reviews and ratings provided by users to arrive at a sustainable composite rating. The system will not allow any modifications of the review and feedback submitted to affect the user's judgments wrongly, thereby ensuring the delivery of better quality and trusted behavior of all participants.

Single point coordination
Sellers will be closely monitored through the GrabaMeal Identification Protocol process to safeguard the truth of all reviews, ratings and other activities performed. Sellers will be identified and assessed based on their activity and their interaction with the network.

Professional review system and unbiased
Sellers will be reviewed and assessed as unbiased. The lowest category sellers have an open opportunity to promote themselves as premium sellers, which is definitely an advantage. The GrabAmeal platform will help sellers to establish their business identity in a smooth and transparent process.

You can eliminate middle men
The seller can contact the buyer directly and there is no intermediary engagement. This helps in managing cost-effective deals and a sizeable amount of money. Better gains help sellers to improve their food-sharing business on the platform.

Payment is guaranteed
All transactions will be made using GAM through the GAM wallet. There is no risk of defaulters.

This is the benefit of the seller registration at GrabAmeal. If you want to know more about the benefits of GrabAMeal, Read our White Book and One Pager.


Here are some statistics for the online food delivery segment. However, GrabAMeal is designed to do far more than just takeaways from standard restaurants and restaurant restaurants, such as dining in, holding private events and delivering food at home. Hence the projected income from takeaway serves as a close proxy, but the overall service economy is expected to exceed the projection given below:

  • Revenue in the segment "Online Takeaway / Food Delivery" reached US $ 110 billion in 2017/18.
  • Revenues are expected to show annual growth rates (CAGR 2018-2022) of about 17%, generating a market volume of US $ 208 Billion by 2022.
  • User penetration is 11% by 2017 and is expected to reach 14% or more by 2022.
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) is currently US $ 177.51 and is expected to increase to 250 $ by 2022.

Market Segment Analysis:
  • Online delivery service that only provides a platform for restaurants that run their own delivery service (eg Shipping Hero)
  • Food ordered online from restaurant delivering their own order through their delivery service
  • Online order taken in store
  • Note: the income figure refers to the Value of Gross Goods (GMV)

Benefits of using GrabAmeal platform

The GrabAmeal Platform is a peer-to-peer online food sharing platform powered by blockchain.

The platform is a market place where everyone can become food buyers as well as food vendors provided they are registered on this commercial podium. If you are in the food preparation business or you are interested in exploring business opportunities, you should be a GrabAmeal enlisted user: but before that you should know the benefits of using the GrabAmeal platform.

Blockchain integration ensures trust

GrabAmeal is empowered by blockchain; data ever inserted in the block can not be changed. Therefore both buyers and sellers can build trust and origins on transactions, food prepared and provided, as well as on reviewing services.

All transactions in this market will be made using GAM token, in a decentralized peer-to-peer network (P2P).

2-way advantageous for users

It is a sharing of useful eating business platforms. Buyers will be able to enjoy healthy and quality homemade food at reasonable prices regardless of their geographic location as buyers can choose from a list of registered sellers of cooking / food vendors. Before selection, buyers can check seller ratings to be confirmed about the quality of service.

Business goes with a simple approach

GrabAmeal runs on three protocols: these are the Identification protocols, gift protocols, and dispute settlements. All business modules run on these three protocols, which are easy to understand and run. Due to the integration of blockchain there is no risk of data forgery.

It's cost-effective to use the GrabAmeal platform because the platform charges nominal transaction fees from buyers and sellers. Feedback and review mechanisms are a transparent way to grow a business or a seller. For the buyer it is a clean and healthy way to get quality food.

Award system

This platform rewards actual stakeholders (sellers and buyers) in the GrabAMeal platform value through gift tokens for expansion, participation and promotion. As the platform grows in business volumes and transaction volumes of GAM tokens, members of the GrabAMeal platform will benefit additionally through carefully designed rewards mechanisms.

Info About Token GAM


GAM TOKEN SUPPLY = 2,000,000,000




SOFT CAP = 1,000,000 USD

HARD CAP = 5,000,000 USD

PRE ICO Until 31 May 2018

ICO TOKEN SALE June 1, 2018 to July 18, 2018

STAGE 1 30% to 40%

STAGE 2 20% TO 30%

STAGE 3 10% TO 20%

STAGE 4 5% TO 10%


  • PRE ICO / ICO / BONUS 40%
  • TEAM 15%
  • ADVISOR 10%
  • BOUNTY 5%

  • LEGAL 5%


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