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Payera ICO reviews| Payera The user‐friendly online‐shop platform

With the development of technology, it becomes more difficult to keep up with developments. However, even so, this greatly simplifies our lives. PAYERA presents its project to create a cryptographic company with the largest number of users worldwide. This platform will be a place where krypton owners can do online shopping without much effort.

PAYERA's main mission is to become a platform for online purchases using Crypto-currency number 1 for clients.

PAYERA based on the concept of the most successful and most famous e-commerce company in Asia, but much easier to handle. Ultimately with SHOP- & CARDERA, the project offers a multifunctional solution, which in this form does not yet exist in the crypto market.

SHOPERA is a system that enables traders and personal sellers to offer their services and products in the market securely.

All you need to do is log in, take a picture, set a price and a small description for the product.

After completing this action, your ad will be placed with the location.

CARDERA is a crypto payment card. You will be able to get your crypto payment card for everyday use, to gain flexibility even in offline mode. It will connect to your PAYERA wallet, and will allow you to make purchases or withdraw cash from ATMs.

Platform Advantages

  • Light. This platform emphasizes simplicity and ease of use.
  • Fast transaction. Transactions will take place in a few seconds
  • Protection of sellers and buyers. There is a guarantee of protection for sellers and buyers.
  • No exchange fees. There is no charge for exchange
  • There is no commission for the buyer and the commission is very low for the seller.
  • Multifunctional concept
  • Offers are free. You can send money to friends and acquaintances
  • Security This is guaranteed when using Blade Block.


Cryptocurrencies have evolved a great deal to what they are today. In the past, it is called play money for gamers, today it is called, amongst other things, speculation. Many users deal on different exchange stock markets to generate profits. Although blockchain technology has immense potential and many advantages over the payment system nowadays, many sellers do not accept Bitcoin & Co as a currency.


Despite many advantages of blockchain technology and crypto transactions including extreme speed, low fees and high flexibility, cryptocurrencies are only rarely used as payments. Buyers and sellers are insecure due to floating rates and complicated application. For this reason, enterprises still use the traditional Fiat payment systems are connected to banks and financial institutions. Buyers want the security that transactions with cryptocurrencies provide a protected trade and -in case of a problem arisesa guaranteed refund of the payment. Sellers want to increase their turnover and establish themselves in the crypto scene. This is why PAYERA has set a goal to establish trust between buyer and seller.


PAYERA from its structure is pretty similar to the most successful e-commerce enterprise in the Asian region but much easier to handle. Combined with SHOP & CARDERA we offer a multifunctional solution which does not exist on the crypto market yet.

We will build upon the best attributes of crypto users. This project, with all its features and yet impressive in its simplicity, will be an incredible and unique product for the crypto world that can be funded through venture capital investments.


Our vision is to be the crypto enterprise with the biggest number of users worldwide, the place where crypto owners can do online-shopping worry-free. We are also seeking to become the leading global and universal crypto platform.


Our mission is, to be our customer's first choice. The place, where you preferably buy with crypto. We have committed ourselves to perform all our actions economically and eco-friendly


PAYERA offers an easy multifunctional solution for crypto users and sellers. We are going to create a new era in the crypto-payment gateway with PAY- / SHOP- and CARDERA.

The first crypto payment platform with a simple and secure Multifunctional solution

BUYERS are protected against criminals, as we offer a full consumer protection for all transactions done through PAYERA. This protection includes all conventional goods as well as services. You also have the possibility to do internal wallet transactions free of charge.

SELLERS obtain the perfect solution to get established in the crypto scene and to increase their proper sales volume. We offer a full protection against volatility on the crypto market by offering an optional payment in Fiat or the requested coin. PAYERA also has lower fees and a shorter holding period compared to other systems. Sellers also have the opportunity to do internal wallet transactions free of charge.

A crypto payment card should not be missing of course.
Get your crypto-payment-card for everyday use to gain your flexibility even offline.

The card is connected to your PAYERA wallet and you have the ability to make purchases or withdraw Fiat-money at ATMs as you are used to, except that you use the coins in your PAYERA wallet therefore.


Token symbol: PERA
Total number of tokens: 2100000000
Price for PRE ICO: $ 0.035 USD
Charge for ICO: $ 0.05 USD
Bonus in the ICO period: 25% of references

Use of funds


Security is our highest priority. Any threat will be patched and published through our specialists.
We will insert a self‐repair‐code in our updates. We don’t just secure our customers’ data, we also encode and distribute them  to redundant servers on various continents to ensure datasecurity and – consistency. We do not pass on any data to third parties or for purposes for market  analysis.   The verification is only needed agains  would‐be criminals.




WIBESITE : https://payera.io/

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