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STOXUM: The First Cryptocurrency Exchange Decentralized

Stoxum is the world's first hybrid decentralized exchange of crypto-currency with an aggregate pool of liquidity, where every holder of the official STM token is the owner of the exchange with the right to receive income. During the ICO, 100% of the tokens will be distributed.

Each owner of the token gets access to statistics on all financial transactions online, and also receives additional rights and opportunities in the platform ecosystem.

The product will have open source code, which will allow the community to contribute to the development of the platform. The master node will be distributed among exclusive users to adhere to a decentralized approach. Exclusive rights to technical solutions and their implementation remain with the initial developers.

The service has absorbed all the positive features of centralized and decentralized sites and combined them into one product. For developers, a detailed HTTP and WebSocket API will be available for writing trading mechanisms, for ordinary users - customizable bots will be available directly from the box in your personal account.

The main advantage of the STM token is the dividend system, which will be 100% of the profit of the platform and its entire ecosystem, which includes sites created with the help of the Whitelabel solution.

What are the main features of STOXUM?

As a hybrid system, STOXUM has a unique operating system, combining the best features of decentralized and centralized exchanges. The master node makes it easy for anyone to start, and there is open source client code, as well as open source master node code. The STOXUM system can handle 1 million transactions every second, so there should be no delays due to large volumes of trading. STOXUM also claims to provide "100% security" by verifying all transactions with a decentralized node. The token holder can easily download detailed reports about all transactions in the system, making it possible for anyone to verify them.

What Cryptocurrency Does STOXUM Support?

As mentioned, initially, STOXUM will have support for five cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XRP. The rating is based on CoinMarketCap. Then, the user will decide which token is added to the system. The voting system will take account turnover in addition to the number of available STM tokens. There is no risk of raising the vote because all users can view detailed reports on each sound in real-time.

What Benefits Does the STM Token Holders Have?

The team behind STOXUM encourages contributions by listing some of the key benefits for holders of the STM token, including 100 percent dividend income. There are also affiliate programs that have the highest allocation and white label solutions to launch the platform. The STM holder can access the WebSocket and HTTP APIs for trading mechanisms, and there will be trade bots built right into platforms that work with various algorithms.

What Should You Know about Sales of STM Token?

At time of writing, the sale of STM tokens is still in a closed presale phase, which will last for three days. So far, 2,527,575 STM have been sold, and bonuses during this phase are set to 30 percent. The soft cover of token sales is $ 2 million; his hard hat is $ 30 million. At the time of writing, the funds collected amounted to $ 366,754. The closed presale takes place from 30 April to 5 May with a limit of 30,680,000 STM.

Presale 1 will follow this with a 25 percent bonus from 10 to 20 May and a limit of 53,680,000 STM. Presale 2 will run from May 25th to June 6th and has a 15 percent bonus and a cap of 71,850,000 STM. Presale 3 runs from 10 to 17 June with a 89.7 million STM and a 5 percent bonus. Presale 4 will run from 20 to 25 June with a bonus of 3 percent and a limit of 100 million STM. ICO will then last for more than a month, from 1 July to 10 August, with a limit of 200 million STM. The total target in USD is $ 30 million.

ICO Details

Ticker Symbol: STM
Platform Ripple
Accepts: ETH, BCH, XRP, BTC, LTC
Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 30,000,000 USD
Token Price 0.00002 BTC (0.16595 USD)
Token for sale 200,000,000 STM
Token supply 200,000,000 STM

Public Crowdsale

  • Ongoing

Date Sale: May 10, 2018 — Aug 10, 2018 @ 92 days

Why did we choose Ripple?

Many investors are interested — why do not we use smart contracts, why our token is not built on ERC20 technology.

The main criterion for choosing Ripple as the base platform is its speed, which is significantly higher than that of Bitcoin or even SWIFT.

We plan to process a huge number of transactions every 10 minutes that involve interaction with all the wallets that are in the system — for aggregating and dividend calculation. The ethereum for this task is too slow and clumsy.

The second important point is the simple implementation of the destruction of tokens during the execution of transactions. Each operation burns 0.00001 STM, which reduces the final emission and increases the value of the token.

An additional advantage is the high security level of the platform from hacker attacks, precisely due to the implementation of the “destruction” mechanism that protects the system from creating so-called “false/fake” transactions.

Like What is STOXUM's Roadmap?

From April to July 2018, STOXUM will work on ICO, marketing so as to attract additional investors, make initial arrangements with exchange to place tokens, and perform internal alpha platform tests. The beta test launch for STOXUM will take place on August 20, 10 days after the end of the ICO. This is for the token holder. The beta version will open for all in September, and tokens will be in at least three exchanges. In October, it will publish open source code and launch a white label solution. December will see trade bots and early voting for additional coins.

April - July 2018
  • - Holding an ICO
  • - Marketing work to attract investors
  • - Preliminary arrangements with exchanges to place tokens
  • - Internal ALPHA-test platform among the command
August 2018
  • - Launching a closed platform BETA test among the tokens holders
  • - Start placing the tokens on the exchanges
September 2018
  • - Running the BETA version of the platform
  • - The Token is traded on 3+ exchanges
  • - Placement on CoinMarketCap
October 2018
  • - Publishing an open source client code
  • - Running a White Label Solution
  • - Commissioning of the master node and the decentralization mechanism
December 2018
  • - Running trading bots on the platform
  • - Start voting for adding coins
January 2019
  • The Token is traded on 10+ exchanges
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