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Bettium: Smart Betting That Combines Blockchain with AI Technology

I, Alexandru Radulescu, have followed the gaming industry for the past decade and have watched it grow steadily as new technology opened up new doors for amateur and professional bettors alike. Betting, in particular has benefited from the creation of new betting platforms, and especially the popularity of eSports. A new blockchain-powered technology called Bettium will open even more doors for amateur bettors. I am very proud that CryptoOrders team is advisor in this project.

The Bettium Platform
The traditional betting industry has a range of problems, such as over-regulation, inefficiency, and an inflated commission structure. What I like about Bettium is that it seeks to remedy these issues by providing tools that level the playing field between amateur and expert gamblers. Bettium is a decentralized blockchain platform for peer-to-peer betting. I prefer peer-to-peer betting because it is more convenient than going through a third party.

Bettium combines artificial intelligence, algorithms, and big data analytical tools in a way that provides measurable benefits to professional and amateur bettors, analysts, and developers of betting solutions. The betting and settlement processes will use the BETT Token exclusively. These new tokens can be purchased and sold on an internal exchange. Here is some of the information about the upcoming initial coin offering (ICO).

The BETT token has several important functions. First and foremost, it is the primary betting currency for the platform. It also acts as the means of payment for any subscription or service marketed on the platform. In addition, tokens will make up the prize pool in tournaments. The Bettium token, thus, has real utility to the users of the platform. Because BETT has practical value, it will be less susceptible to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. I believe this will allow the token to sustain a steady demand.

The total token count should be around 1,000,000,000, with a hard cap of $30,000,000 USD and a soft cap $7,500,000 USD. The token price will be 0.05 USD per each token. Users can pay for the BETT tokens either using BTC or ETH.

7.5% of the total tokens will be sold during a private sale. Another 7.5% will be sold during a pre-sale for whitelisted users. 5% of tokens will used in bonus and referral campaigns. 2% of the tokens will be used for a bounty rewards program. 40% of the tokens will be sold during the public initial coin offering. The remaining coins will be distributed among project founders, team members, and advisors, or placed in a reserve fund.

The funds they raise will go toward platform development, research, legal support, tournaments, and marketing, with the majority of funds going to platform development (40%).


Transparency and Peer-to-peer Betting
The platform aims to provide bettors with transparent betting system. Bettium protects against manipulation by third parties and manipulation by players. Peer-to-peer betting is self-regulating. The users determine the odds. This means that no one can manipulate the bets to cover fees or increase margins. The artificial intelligence and algorithmic capabilities of the platform will allow users to develop their own strategies for predicting the outcome of bets. In its optimal form, Bettium will even have the potential to make all the betting decisions for the users.

Bettium will be available worldwide without interference from third parties. The platform uses a system of smart contracts and oracles that allows them award users their winning without the need of bookmakers, operators, or banks.

Another benefit that Bettium provides is anonymity. Users will be able to view the transactions of a given account, but the accounts themselves cannot be identified with individuals. The use of blockchain also ensures that the user’s personal information always stays confidential.

Compared to traditional betting platforms, Bettium has more efficiency. Money is not transferred through a chain of bankers, brokers, and payment systems. Blockchain allows the users to instead make transactions directly. This means users will see their winnings faster. This is true for all types of transactions, including commercial contracts, private payments, and bets.

Scalability is another advantage that Bettium offers. The blockchain has a large number of independent nodes (“masternodes”) supporting the system. The number masternodes is adjusted based on the number of agents and transactions on the network. Essentially, this means that no matter how much traffic is on the site, the platform will still be able to work efficiently. This scalability gives Bettium a reliability and a stability that you could never achieve on a centralized betting platform.

Access to Big Data
Perhaps the biggest advantage of the Bettium platform is that it provides its users with access to big data. Users have a repository of information on thousands of sporting events and e-sporting events all around the world. They have access to all kinds of information, such as history, team stats, player profiles, strengths, performance under certain conditions, effects of injuries, likelihood of penalties, and more. This, alongside, the platform’s use of algorithms and artificial intelligence allows bettors to make educated predictions even if they are not expert bettors.

Merlin takes the big data analysis and presents it to the user in a way that is easy to understand. Merlin helps bettors create and test their own betting strategies. Merlin gives the users accessibility they could not have any other way, because the AI assistant mines data 24/7. No human can track and analyze the same amount of data that Merlin can. Another benefit Merlin provides is automation. Merlin can pre-assign bets on the users behalf based on conditions and budgets the user sets.

Other Benefits
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, Bettium offers a range of other perks. Bettium has no withdrawal limits and no minimum deposit requirement, while most traditional betting systems have low withdrawal limits and a high minimum deposit requirement. A major disadvantage of traditional betting platforms is that they often analyze the performance of bettors and blacklist bettors that show consistent high performance. Bettium welcome high performers, and, in fact, works to help bettors perform more successfully.

With traditional betting platforms, there are always unpredictable risks. For instance the platform could freeze your funds if they were displeased with the transaction in any way. With Bettium there is no risk of something like that happening. Payouts happen without dispute. Centralized betting platforms are also at a lot more risk for outside hacking.

Bettium has a unique feature called Trust Account. This service allows a user to entrust their account to another user. So if you want to make bets but you do not have the time you, you can have someone else place the bets for you. This service is regulated by smart contracts that protect both sides against fraud or non-performance. Bettium will also offer tournaments and an AI league for bettors who are looking for a challenge.


WEBSITE: https://bettium.com/
WHITPAPPER: https://bettium.com/bettium_whitepaper.en.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3403439.0
BOUNTY: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3403478.0

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