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Bitbose.Com Ico Review : The Future Of Crypto Investments

About Bitbose.com

Bitbose.com does not offer any kind of brokering services and neither offers any advice/suggestions to individuals. The website is purely designed for providing you the information. BitBose is liable to provide you with a fully equipped and connected customer support system. BitBose tokens are not intended to constitute a prospectus/ document regarding securities in any jurisdiction. Bitbose.com offer equal investment rights and opportunities to the individuals, residents and representatives of the companies across the plant except for the nations where cryptocurrency investment is considered as illegal.

Challenges faced by current Crypto Exchange
Hack prone systems

Though Blockchain technologies promises for good extra security covers than centralized technologies but poor coding practices and young ecosystem is accountable for many security loopholes and vulnerabilities. Billions of cryptocurrencies have been stolen by the cyber criminals due to lack of security shields.

Bitbose.com platform is highly robust, secure with top-notch firewalls and encryption algorithms. The system is built to match high level of penetration testing. Bitbose.com technical team comprises of talented brains that are proficient and experienced in their respective domains.

Poor Customer Support

This scenario is almost common in all the crypto exchanges. Either the phones are not picked or emails are reverted back. Even after several follow-ups, the issue doesn’t get resolved. Most of the exchanges provide services in only one language which is their mother country or English.


Bitbose.com aim to keep the core principles of Blockchain i.e. decentralization and anonymity intact while aiming to provide the investors a robust, secure and profitable platform. As being free from any third party interference or intermediaries, BitBose tend to eliminate the financial insecurities building up due to unstable financial markets.

Bitbose.com also aim to expand our horizon across the globe so as to make people aware of the cryptocurrencies and its benefits by introducing them an easy to use interface. BitBose aspires to provide an alternate non-government platform which is free from all high-end bureaucracy and hidden fees/ charges


Bitbose.com dreams to channelize and leverage this groundbreaking Blockchain technology all over the world so that more and more people can get benefit of this new technology. In order to realize the dream, Team BitBose is following a premeditated and strategic approach to provide a reliable, scalable and stable platform by using Ethereum and ERC20 standards.

Take Your Investment to the Next Level

  • The Simplest & most Secure Crypto Platform for your Investments.
  • Asset Turnover (2025 Projection) $500 Billion.
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence.


BOSE Token is a utility token & the mother currency of BitBose Platform based upon ERC20 using ethereum blockchain means fastest & peer to peer transparent transaction with very low fees.

Investment Banking Solutions

Platform offers a unique investment banking solutions such as Portfolio Funds, Crypto Loans, Mining Rewards Program.

Hybrid Intelligent Trading Exchange & Payment Solutions

Bitbose.com Unique Investments Solutions are designed to maintain enough liquidity organically by exchanging multiple fiat & crypto currencies which give birth to a modern Hybrid Intelligent Trading Exchange & Payment Solutions at a glance.

Backed By Solid Team

Bitbose Team consists of world class developers, traders, financial advisors & blockchain experts.

A Complete Complaint Solution

Fully Compliant with all Regulations, Complilance, KYC & AML

Fair Profit sharing

All the transactions are recorded in the distributed ledger and offer a fair insight into every trading option. This ensures efficient profit and interest sharing and thus, expansion of the liquidity pool.

Smart Portfolio

At its core there is an algorithmic trading software that utilizes a complex technical analysis to make split second decisions on what trades to invest. The power of AI can combine machine learning, technical analysis and fundamental data extraction into one powerful trading bot.

Private Investing

Bitbose.com left some of your tokens for our professional traders who constantly monitor the altcoins market & news looking for big opportunities & Profitable ICOs which really increase our overall monthly returns.

Crypto Fiate Finance

Bitbose.com Crypto Loans program offers users to be able to funds denominated in crypto/fiat by depositing their crypto assets to our secured platform for as a guarantee of good faith.

  • Easy Borrow & Lending Application, Instant Approvals & no Credit Checks. Get Cash directly credited to your bank account.
  • Competitive Interest rate with no advance payment. Maintain you Reputation & enjoy financial freedom.
  • No capital block as you can withdraw your assets anytime.

Mining Programme

Bitbose.com Platform lets you mine BOSE Token and generate a stable inflow of BoseTokens in return. Though this technique is more for the advanced user, BitBose software combined with state of the art hardware is capable of handling extreme loads and frequent transactions.

Through cryptocurrency mining, miners confirm all the transaction that have taken place and records it in the public ledger called BLOCKCHAIN and in return gets a reward. The first cryptocurrency miner to validate the transaction will be rewarded. Because of the reward, more miners are encouraged to participate in the mining process. Hence more the number of cryptocurrency miners, more validation of transaction and more secure is the transaction.

Trading On Exchanges

Purchase & sale of BOSE Token on internal & external exchanges.
You will be able to trade BOSE Token immediately once our third generation internal exchange is launched in mid-April 2018.
Due to numerous benefits & growth plan of BitBose Platform, we are very confident that demand of BOSE Token will skyrocket & we have entered into advanced negotiations with a few crypto-exchanges for listing the BOSE Token.

Basic Information


  • Ravi Dutt – Co- Founder
  • Navdeep Garg- CTO
  • L K Bansal
  • Naviin Kapoor
  • Krystelle Galano
  • Sydney Ifergan
  • Mark Kreimerman
  • Laura Zaharia
  • Boris Otonicar
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