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BitScreener: Current Cryptocurrency Investment & Trade Data

Out there, in the conventional world, Google is an invaluable resource where answers for almost everything are found. But to an ardent cryptocurrency enthusiast, this giant search engine cannot be as precise with its answers.

Also, it can be time-consuming, annoying and tiresome to keep asking Google about what the top 1000+ Cryptos are, Daily Gainer, Daily Losers, big Tokens, etc. In fact, keeping track of Bitcoin or the other cryptocurrencies without a proper and dedicated resource may demand extensive research that usually includes being a staunch member of forums and chatrooms.

What Is BitScreener?

Without a doubt, no cryptocurrency enthusiast will have to labor while studying market trends anymore, thanks to BitScreener. It is a distinctive cryptos filter-oriented resource where the most accurate and detailed data are captured. Launched in July 2017 and has been revolutionizing the industry ever since BitScreener has developed to be the simplicity and innovation needed.

As ‘About Us' page says, this platform is supported by a team of skilled, data-centric financial professionals and software engineers. It delivers truthful and all-inclusive cryptocurrency-based information for the 1,200+ coins with the data updated in real-time.

What this platform aims to achieve is to empower both the investors and virtual currency traders as a way of equipping them well on how the sector is fairing on. And each coin is evaluated with a keen interest in such aspects as its volume, supply, and performance, among other features.

BitScreener Cryptocurrency Investment & Trade Data Features

We’ve been made to believe that only a handful of cryptocurrencies born out of the blockchain technologies exist. But in a beautiful and easy-to-understand fashion, BitScreener allows you to monitor over a hundred of them. Everything about BitScreener looks professional, but the stand-out features are:

Intuitive, Easily Understandable Homepage – it offers an overview of what’s happening in the crypto-sphere, including the trending coins, top search terms, the gainers and losers, watchlist, latest news and basically all-things cryptos. Furthermore, it is the Heatmap that makes this platform priceless and truly one-of-a-kind.

The Screening Tool – to filter through the 100+ coins based on specific criteria, BitScreener is equipped with a Screening Tool. This tool is one-of-a-kind, and the adjustable parameters include:

  • Price
  • Volume
  • Market Capitalization
  • Exchange
  • Performance
  • Order
  • Type
  • Age

Advanced Technical Analysis indicator – it is impressive to mention the integrated indicators that lie directly on the graphical explanations of how various coins are doing in the market. The cryptocurrency market is amazingly volatile, and investors often need to have indicators that will help study it. And so, some of these indicators include:
  • Simple Moving Average
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Relative Strength Index
The Recent News – this platform isn’t all about facts and figures and statistics alone. For those who prefer to stay abreast of what could be going on, it has a page of all news articles from hundreds of credible news sources, including CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, and MarketWatch.

Other notable features include the Chart Gallery page where you can view periodical representations of how different coins have been doing over different periods. You will analyze a day’s change, a week, a month, three months all the way to all-time charts.

App Review – BitScreener

As both a long-term investor and trader of crypto, I am always searching for new tools to aid me in my quest to track the market and look for opportunities. I’ve tried many different apps, but ended up feeling constrained by the limited features they offered. I’ve used BitScreener.com before and I was impressed by their charts and heat maps, but their iOS app really takes everything to the next level.


The first thing you’ll notice upon opening up the app is just how comprehensive the tracker is. Over 2,000 coins from 80 exchanges are tracked and all trading pairs from these exchanges are supported. So no matter if you want to track your profits in terms of Ethereum or Binance Coin, you are able to do that simply. In addition, it is easy to display prices in any major fiat currency, which is important for those of you outside the US.

(This is not my portfolio – All images are taken from BitScreener)

Once I was able to add coins to my portfolio, the thing that shocked me was just how quickly prices were updating. Prices are literally up to the second, which can make a huge difference in the crypto market. No app or site I’ve used, besides the exchanges themselves, has had prices updated as quickly as BitScreener.

According to BitScreener, they are going to add the ability to import from crypto wallets such as Jaxx and MEW soon, which would be a super exciting integration feature!

The charts and technical indicators that BitScreener has implemented are pretty neat. If you are serious about Technical Analysis, you’ll find numerous tools at your disposal here, including all kinds of indicators and overlays, like Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands. In my testing, one feature that I enjoyed was the gallery view, where you can add multiple timeframes to a single view.

A tool that could be really useful to investors is the Crypto Screener. You can screen by a multitude of criteria to find your perfect coin, by looking at such things as age, type, market cap, and recent performance. This feature can help identify investment opportunities and sure beats scrolling through the fifth page of Coinmarketcap.

If you are an active trader, the screener, combined with the price and performance alerts, is a great combination. The alerts support many different kinds of logic, including recurring alerts, alerts when a price reaches a level persistently, and alerts for performance within a set timeframe (this could be great to find when a coin is pumping). They recently even added an alert that sounds every 30 seconds, if you want to stay awake and trade ‘foreign exchange’.

Another cool feature is the ability to read news within the app. They are really trying to make this a one-stop shop for all your crypto needs. I’ve also heard that they are going to be adding a social network within the app, which can be useful to gauge market sentiment and seek out opinions on different coins. Seems like they have a solid team of developers and are releasing new features frequently.


Overall, I really enjoyed using BitScreener’s iOS app, as it has the most impressive array of features I’ve ever seen in a crypto tracker, combined with a slick interface and fun user experience. My only gripe would be that they don’t have an Android app yet. As an Android phone user, I had to use this app on my iPad, but the charts look really snazzy there.

It seems that many people around the world share this sentiment, as it is a top 100 app in many countries (top 250 in the US), with a 4.7 rating on the app store. From the reviews, users are praising the quick price updating, price alerts, and graphing capabilities. I highly recommend this app to serious crypto investors.

If you enjoyed this review, stay tuned, as we are going to do more reviews of exchanges, books, and tech in the coming days!


BitScreener: Current Cryptocurrency Investment & Trade Data BitScreener: Current Cryptocurrency Investment & Trade Data Reviewed by haw on June 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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