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Digital Ticks - Currency trading platform currency-crypto currency

Today, currency trading-crypto is considered one of the most profitable trades. Every day more and more users are trying to connect to the digital currency trading, but they face a very serious problem - the split of infrastructure. This network has a large number of different trading tools, training materials, trade indicators, etc., which spawns a number of newcomer questions:

  • Which tool should be selected?
  • Is it effective?
  • How to use all this?
Such confusion arises precisely because the absence of a single structure will allow not only the trading of cryptocurrencies, but also using effective analytical tools, strategies, and forecasts accumulated in a single database. The solution to this problem is the Digital Ticks project, designed to combine everything necessary for successful trading.

Digital Ticks Features
At first glance, the Ticks Digital platform looks like a regular trading exchange, which already exists a very large number to date. But if you investigate the structure of the project and its functions, it soon becomes clear what is unique about it.

Digital Ticks are a trading platform that, in addition to basic exchange functions, has a variety of different analytics tools and strategies built using artificial intelligence and trade indicators. Thus, each user has the opportunity to gain access to an integral database of tools to improve trading efficiency and generate more revenue.

In addition, the important point is that the Digital Fleas can not be called exclusively a crypto-exchange exchange - on top of it, the user will be able to trade and various goods, for example, gold or silver. This significantly expands the circle of users who will be interested in using the platform.

One of the main accents in Digital Ticks is made for ease of use. Developers try not only to implement all the necessary functions, but also make it comfortable and understandable for professional traders as for beginners who are just beginning to understand the fundamentals of crypto currency trading.

Advantages of Digital Ticks
The main advantages of Digital Ticks include:
  • Versatility. The platform is not just focused on professionals or just on the beginner - using it will be easy for traders with varying levels of training and practical skills.
  • High transaction speed and low commissions. Developers have done everything necessary to make the platform as easy as possible - using blocking software in combination with DTX internal token enables you to speed up transactions and reduce commission costs.
  • Functionality and efficiency. This device, developed on the basis of artificial intelligence and existing trading indicators, will make trading not only easier, but also more profitable.
    It should be noted that until now, developers have released mobile apps to work with the platform, so with the ultimate advantage you can see even before the main product. Download programs for smartphones can be on the project's official website.
Token platform Ticks digital
DTX is an ERC20 token that will be used as a means of payment on the platform. With his help you can:
  • Pay trading commissions at 50% discount.
  • To receive various discounts for coins.
  • Pay to put your coins on the Ticks Digital exchange.
  • Get access to various analytics systems, data, and functions.
  • ICO Digital Ticks has started - to buy the DTX token will be available until June 15th.
  • Cost 1 DTX - from 0.375 USD up
  • 0.700 USD Softsap - 5,700,000 USD
  • Hard cash - 30,000,000 USD

Digital Ticks is a trading platform that will appeal both to beginners and professionals in the field of trade. It combines a variety of functions, security, and favorable trading terms, which makes it a unique solution in the modern market.

Digital Ticks definitely deserve attention and have a very good prospect for the future. This project can not be called something really new, because its main feature is that it has absorbed the best of many exchanges and other platforms, thus forming an integrated product.

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