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Globatalent The sports marketplace where you can invest in your worldwide idols

What is Globatalent? 

Globatalent is the blockchain decentralization platform which allows clubs and players to attain funding by selling future revenue rights to fans worldwide.

The investment process is automated with the help of Smart Contracts that use Blockchain Technology. This ensures token trading in a fast, secure way.

At Globatalent, investments are liquid assets which can be converted at any time in the tokenized economy.

In 2017, The Sports Industry generated revenue of $100 billion worldwide

In this Globatalent ICO review, you will be enlightened on what this investment project is and whether you should go ahead to purchase Globa Talent tokens. Globatalent.com is basically merging the concept of a decentralized platform into the sports industry where clubs and players can attain funding by selling future revenue rights to their followers.

Token trading will be fast and secure, thanks to the automated investment procedure empowered by smart contracts using Blockchain technology.

Globatalent claims that they have created a fully ”tokenized” economy where investments are liquid assets and can be converted at any time.

Globatalent ICO is banking on the fact that the sports industry experienced an upsurge in revenue back in 2017. By decentralizing the sports industry through a ”tokenized” ecosystem, they believe that Globatalent ICO will be a profitable venture for both players, clubs and their fans.

The question is, should you buy this token? Will you lose money? In this Globatalent ICO review, we’ve looked into a lot of things which include the project itself, the team behind it and the viability of this project as an investment venture.

Globatalent ICO Review: Should you purchase the tokens?

Globatalent ecosystem presents 4 different features and benefits. These 4 points are supposedly the reasons why investors should consider Globatalent ICO. They include:
  • Fans can purchase rights of their idols through token acquisition
  • Transactions are instant and safe because they happen through the blockchain
  • Decentralized and allows people to unite and benefit from each other
  • The ability to invest in talented sportsmen and women on their future success
Globatalent ICO Review: How Globatalent works

The player or club will offer to sell a portion of their future income right in advance.

This can be 20% for instance in exchange for $250,000. In return, the Globatalent blockchain will create 25,000 tokens (because one GlobaPlayer token is equal to $10) which are related to the player or club that sold its rights.

GlobaPlayer tokens are also ERC20 compatible and can be bought or sold among fans within this ecosystem.

Should you buy Globatalent tokens?

There are many red flags here. First of all, to view the whitepaper, one has to enter their email address which is not the standard practice.

Secondly, the road map is vague and not communicating very effectively the visions and achievements of this company.

A road map should be guiding investors of the vision of the entity in question. If a proper road map does not exist, then it simply means that we are potentially dealing with an exit scam such as LoopX ICO where investors were defrauded $4.5 million before the operators disappeared.

Even if we wanted to invest in an ICO like Globa Talent, we would not do so due to the fact that it has a poor online presence, which is one of the severe red flags we are dealing with here.

A legit ICO will reveal a robust team that is behind its architecture. It will list down founders, developers, security experts, advisors, and anyone else that is associated with the project. They will have their LinkedIn profiles intact.

But this is not what we are seeing here. Globatalent is instead using stock photos to represent their anonymous CEO and Co-founder, Sunil Bhardwaj.

Same thing applies to their Strategic alliances advsor Ferrán Martínez. In the stock photo, his name is Omar Dweik.

In other words, there is no difference between Globatalent and many other investment scams involving Cryptocurrencies.


The GBT token is purchased by the fans to entitle them for a fraction of the future income of the sponsored athlete or sports club.

Restricted Countries:
  • ‍Belarus
  • Burundi
  • Cayman Islands
  • Central African Republic
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • USA
  • Zimbabwe

PRESALE BONUS (16/04/2018 - 31/05/2018): 
  • 🔸up to 1M= 20% 
  • 🔸1M - 2,5M= 25% 
  • 🔸2,5M - 5M= 35% 
  • 🔸+5M= 45% 
CROWDSALE BONUS (18/06/2018 - 30/06/2018): 

Up to 15% based on investment times* 



I do not see any future with Globatalent tokens. Investors are currently being encouraged to buy GlobaPlayer token. But in the real sense, they are purchasing coins that have no real value since investors cannot be guaranteed whether players or clubs have sold their rights and backed the value of the coins.

The Team:

For more information, you can visit the site below:

Globatalent The sports marketplace where you can invest in your worldwide idols Globatalent The sports marketplace where you can invest in your worldwide idols Reviewed by haw on June 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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