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KURECOIN – The largest cryptocurrency project in Africa

Currently, many startups are looking to improve their products and services using Blockchain technology, as this technology can provide transparency and convenience. And about 40% startups using blockchainya Ethereum. As the popularity of the Ethereum blockchain increases, more and more people want to create a blockchain similar to Ethereum and want to get better from it, such as EOS, NEO, CARDANO, ICON, and others. There is even an NEO assumption to be Ethereumnya China, ICON into Ethereumnya South Korea. Of all the projects above prove blockchain technology continues to work and create better service. Even today, Africa does not want to miss, some founder teams who have a lot of experience in Blockchain technology to create a large project that aims to create Blockchain services for the African community cryptocurrency as well as the world. The blockchain project is called Kurecoin, which the founder of the project is from Africa.

What is Kurecoin?

Kurecoin is a blockchain project that will provide services to startups, companies, and governments that want to integrate their projects with blockchain especially those in Africa as well as outside Africa. Kurecoin will create blockchains that will have several features, such as providing smart contracts, hyper ledger applications, and smart contract audit solutions. By using POS / Proof Of Stake mining, Kurecoin ensures network security in the blockchain. Kurecoin as a newly decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake algorithms for investors and the entire cryptocurrency community within the KureCoinHUB ecosystem to resolve banking, trade and exchange challenges, is faced with a growing global cryptocurrency user.

How does Kurecoin work and what products are on offer?

Some of the Kurecoin products under development are:

  1. KureCoinHub, which provides banking platform services established in the decentralized system of Ethereum blockchain smart-contracts. As a crypto bank, Kurecoin aims to help African investors gain economic empowerment, by developing a unique access point for mainstream users that penetrate into cryptocurrency as an investment mode. KureCoinHub has a platform called "KUREX" and an interchangeable coin called KURECOIN.
  2. Kure Exchange, is currently in line with the rising popularity of cryptocurrency causing a lot of crypto exchange is emerging, and Africa through the Kurecoin project also do not want to miss. Kure exchange will be an African exchange that will serve the cryptocurrency community of Africa and the world.
  3. KurePay, this product consists of E-wallet, payment gateway and debit/credit card that provides an easier payment solution for cryptocurrency community around the world as well as other parties such as SME / Small Medium Enterprise, E-commerce, NGO and other organizations.

What are the benefits provided and what issues do you want to solve by Kurecoin?

In addition to providing high-security solutions, Kurecoin also provides some, such as regular shareholder returns from Kurecoin banks and exchange of coins to coins. The Kurecoin Card can also be used to make payments worldwide. And as a multiplatform Kurecoin provides solutions for cryptocurrency and starts up communities who want to use Blockchain technology to improve their products and services with Blockchain technology through smart contract Kurecoin. In addition, this project is currently supported by a strong community, this can be seen from the number of members in the official telegram, and the community will continue to grow and become stronger when their products and services launched.

Currently, cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are rapidly growing throughout the world, and also include Africa. Communities of cryptocurrency and blockchain in Africa are increasing, because they want to invest in this new technology, and want to participate in developing it and get the benefits it provides. A large number of poor people in Africa and with the presence of Blockchain technology can provide them with financial solutions, and have the opportunity to improve their social and economic lives.

Who are the team and founder of Kurecoin?

The Kurecoin founder team consists of ABIKURE TEGA (Co-founder & CEO), IJOMONE M.K (Co-founder & Chief strategist), MATHEW ADEGBITE (Co-founder & CTO) and many other teams and advisors.

ICO Kurecoin Details
  • Date: May 20, 2018 - June 30, 2018
  • Type: ERC20 Token
  • Symbol: KRC
  • Price 1 Coin = 0.65 USD for the First Phase, 0.85 USD for the second phase.
  • Payment: ETH
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology can revolutionize the world for the better, and benefit the community so that Africa will not be left behind to further develop this technology to make it more beneficial for the people of Africa and the world. Kurecoin will be a blockchain project that will become Ethereum Africa by creating multiplatform and providing different benefits to its users. Africa is a great continent and cryptocurrency communities there are just developing, over time their community will continue to be great as well as the Kurecoin community will become stronger with support by its community.

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