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As you might know Worldopoly opened their doors for me in Munich where they are based, to show me their product, introduce me to their team and explain their vision. I want to share with all of you my experience and explain what makes this project unique as part of the ICOs and why I have decided on behalf of GAINS to give credit to this project.

I was also very sceptical at the beginning and that’s always the case when speaking about an ICO at an early stage isn’t it?

As a reminder, I am not a financial advisor. Create your own opinion and make your decision based on what you believe.

I — What is Worldopoly? What makes Worldopoly unique in the game industry?

Essentially, it’s a game in which you can buy/sell real estate with cryptocurrency, based on the usage of google maps, virtual reality, and blockchain technology.

Most gaming platforms like Steam allow to exchange FIAT (dollars, euros, etc) to virtual currencies and to buy items with them. The problem is that it is impossible to make real money with these games or to use these virtual currencies in other games. Worldopoly addresses this problem by integrating an exchange into the game to transform tokens in real money through an app. Plus, they want to target the mass market and not only crypto addicts by preparing the ground for a new kind of gaming platform in which you can use your gains generated in one game, in another one.

II — Why does Worldopoly have more long-term potential than Pokemon Go?

Before going further, let’s take a moment to understand why Pokemon Go failed to keep growing 6 months after being released.

Pokemon Go was released on July 6, 2016 in half the world and this game is still played by millions of people worldwide, but the overall interest in playing the game dwindled when players lost the motivation to play. One of the only reward was to get coins and collect Pokemons. Then with those coins you could buy more items that get you more Pokemon or more experience. You aren’t working towards any particular goal, and that’s where I think people lost interest.

Worldopoly instead, because of the business model addresses this problem. It is a multiplayer strategy game with the possibility to earn money. The game will keep getting new features to keep players invested with an in game rewarding progression system and a social component.

The WPT Token is the fuel of the platform and can be used to buy and sell buildings and streets. The WPT token can be bought and sold for other tokens or fiat at the in-game auction or on an exchange. Worldopoly will not cater a niche market but the mainstream audience of casual players.

The use of blockchain, AR and geopositioning will enrich the gaming experience. It is an easy to play game that will appeal to a lot of players with a real world economic simulation.

III — B2B and B2C business models

As we just saw right above, Worldopoly’s business model targets the mass public audience (B2C Business to Customer). But they go beyond that integrating other revenues in their business model dedicated to corporates.

The advertising market is always looking for new opportunities (B2B Business to Business). Worldopoly offers that by giving advertisers the opportunity to make use of the AR component in the game for their own brand. Another possibility is that the advertisers offer in-game rewards or let players buy a limited edition item within the game of a certain brand.

IV — What have they achieved so far ?

I was very impressed by their professionalism, organisation, long term vision and their excellent knowledge of the world of cryptos, behavior of crypto addicts and the underlying problem of accepting Venture Capital investments.

That’s a very experienced team, much more than many other ICOs. First, dotcom Ventures Holding AG, where the Worldopoly project is officially hosted and registered, manages many projects and some of their customers are nothing other than Ferrari (yes they developed an app to help Ferrari buyers to configure their car) and they’ve been working closely with big German game firms for a while.

The Worldopoly project benefits from all their past experiences and that’s why the product is well implemented. They have already implemented a native Android and IOS app (for IOS they are waiting an audit from apple, because they do not easily accept crypto apps…) and the game engine infrastructure. Their AI algorithm to recognize buildings is working well. Their alpha can manage around 14 million users.

Their AI algorithm can detect buildings, houses and apply layers on it automatically

V — And how do they finance their project ?

First regarding advertising, they just do not have the budget for that yet as a start up. We are speaking about a worldwide product and it requires a big advertising budget. Please refer to the WP, but you will see in it that an important part will be dedicated to advertise the project.

Then, they financed the MVP development (front end, back end algorithm and the game engine) thanks to the revenues generated with other products they are selling and a part with their own money.

To everyone wondering why there is not a big hype behind this project, I personally think they were fully focused on the product quality and their business model as well. Advertising and spending time to it require lot of time, they are just not in this stage and the ressources do not allow that.

VI — Team

The core team is not well known but they are experienced and the developers as well. Big part of them are full time employees and the rest is working in freelance (in total 50 developers).

Not big advisors because you have to pay them a lot but Graham Doggart is quite well known in the ICO world (he is advising 12 middle-sized ICOs).

VII — The most important question, why does it need a blockchain?

So as a gamer you can buy a street and build for instance a hotel, a flat and generate revenues with that (kind of monopoly in augmented reality) and your data, your purchases will be stored in a blockchain. If you uninstall your app, your data and your revenues (which won’t be stopped because you do not have anymore your app on your phone) will be stored in the blockchain.

In order to limit deflation of the tokens, and motivate people to play, if as an owner you never retrieve your gains on time, your money will be spread in the street (airdrop). Like in pokemon go, when walking in the street you can pick up some money instead of Pokemon creatures. Kind of nice :)

Then if you install your app again, your data, your money will be available again. We are playing with real money, so security is the key. Blockchain is essential.

VIII — Tokens metrics

That’s the part most people are used to look at. Here we are:

The hard cap is pretty low, which creates a big potential return on investment, bonus is decent and 75% of the tokens will be sold during the token sale, which states that the team is not greedy. In comparison Pokemon Go needed around $5 millions more to be implemented and with a business model far much less promising.


I feel like they took time to understand Pokemon Go issues to make a product much more mature and with a long term vision. I don’t see any competition so far, but the trend of integrating virtual reality into the gaming industry is rapidly growing, so I expect to see a lot more competition in the future.

A lot of work and marketing have to be done to succeed, I cannot deny that, but there is not a lot of Augmented Reality apps on the market. Finally, you know the true success of Pokemon Go, it lasted 6 months only because of the lack of incentive for a gamer to keep playing; with Worldopoly you can earn cryptos and real money playing so you have all advantages of Augmented Reality, fun game, and with a good incentive for people to stay a long time with this game. Last but not least they do not accept VC Venture Capital investment. This means small investors will be less likely to be the victim of a biased trade market. That’s good for the majority of us, and not so common to be mentioned.

Finally, early players will be rewarded, if you buy “Champs Élysées avenue” in Paris, you are very sure to get a lot of traffic and returns thank to you real estate investment.

That’s a middle / long term project which could be huge in term of returns if it becomes the next Pokemon Go. We are still at an early stage, remember that.

Hope you will take a look at it. Cheers!

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