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BetterBetting - The Revolutionary Platform For Betting

BetterBetting-The revolutionary launch of the internet before a few years made people access the facilities they never thought about. After the internet, the online gambling industry is gaining in popularity and in every corner of the day, you will find online gamers. Online sports gambling has become one of the world's major economic drives and its significant growth in recent years is remarkable.

Now sports gamblers do not have to go to the unlucky black market and come back with little profit. Online sports gambling has become one of the fastest growing markets in the world that evokes the need for a platform where online gamblers can place bets without fear and transparency. BETR is a decentralized block-based gambling platform that supports peer to peer transactions. Incorporating cryptocurrency and sports betting will undoubtedly revolutionize the gambling industry and will completely change the method of payment. Let us know more about this project.

BETR - Latest Betting Platform

BETR is a cryptocurrency-based sports betting platform. The main purpose of this platform is to make live bets easy, accessible and transparent. There are many platforms developed for online gambling but still, they have no innovative ideas where users can make secure transactions, low commissions, etc. BETR is different from its competitors and is the future of betting. The platform supports peer-to-peer transactions with previously unrelated entities and no third-party engagement that makes the platform more reliable.

BETR has easy work that includes two users in the betting process. The two main users of the BETR ecosystem are the betting creators (the person who created the betting offer) and the other is bettor (the person who bet). The betting creator can upload a series of sporting events that bettor will bet on. There is a sports event directory where bettors can choose their favorite games they want to bet on. This directory will consist of IDs from events or games that will provide sufficient information bettor.

All betting transactions incurred are registered on an ethereum block network that ensures transparent and secure transactions between two parties. There is no place for fraud.

Advanced Features

  • Peer to peer betting platform
  • Competitive sports betting products
  • Open source system
  • Easy payment
  • Directory services
  • Sync service
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Automatic API for betting
  • There is no third party involvement

Excess Platform

  • No risk or fraud for passengers
  • Expert advisory team
  • Easily accessible environment
  • Instant access to victory

BERT and Sales Token

The entire platform ecosystem is based on the BETR token that will be available during ico sales. The company has no advantage because it was developed with the aim of facilitating online sports betting. The tough sales section is 650M and this token does not provide any type of ownership to users. 24% token will go to founder, 7% will go to advisor and bounty and 5% will be an early-stage investor. BETR tokens act as platform fuel.

BERT team

The BETR bet platform watches professional blockade and iGaming teams. Adriaan Brink is the founder of the platform which is also the pioneer of iCons cryptocurrency. Ian Sherrington is a CTO of the platform and is also known for the first ever Internet sportsbook. The Hilly Ehrlich is the co-founder and director of the fastest growing poker network in the world. BETR is known for its best management team and experts who make this project possible.


BETR betting is a global betting platform developed by gaming industry experts. The system provides secure and transparent transactions using blockchain technology. The platform includes products such as Decentbet, Wagerr, Betmaster, Betrium, Imperium, Tombet, Fansunite, Quickbetcoin and Ethersport.

The unique platform feature is that there is no intermediary and no additional commissions that make the platform more cost effective. There are many competitors in the market but still, BETR differs from them all because they do not have a percentage bet and no margin. BETR will really revolutionize the gambling industry and be ready to become the future of betting.

More detail information below:

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4577426.0

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