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Magnus Collective – World’s First Robotics And A.I. Automation Token

Magnus was created as a platform that will change how an artificial intelligence system is designed and interacted with. Magnus Collective allows users and app owners to lease AI and robotics resources to each other in a peer to peer manner through blockchain technology.

Magnus Collective created the world’s first AI robotics and automation token, called Magnus Token (MGS). Magnus Token serves to buy services and goods in the Magnus ecosystem. Interestingly again, Magnus Token is built on two platforms at once namely Ethereum and NEO. Magnus organizes ICO Magnus Token to fund the development of this blockchain-based AI-based robotics and automation project.

The problem Magnus Collective wants to solve

Artificial intelligence and robotics are revolutionary technologies that have developed rapidly in the last 5 – 10 years universally. Currently, both are looking for ways to move forward and can be useful in all industries.

By 2017, IOT, AI, and Robotics markets are worth 3 trillion USD. On the other hand, blockchain technology is the solution to solve problems in various industries and shows the number of uses that grow exponentially from year to year.

Just like any other field, robotics is not entirely perfect and still has to face some obstacles and problems. First, the performance of a robotic system is precisely followed by the price of making the system decreased. On the other hand, there is still no way for different industries and organizations to exchange data on current robotic systems. Their space is limited to individual companies and domains.

In fact, when the data in the robot system can be swapped quickly, it gives excellent results for artificial intelligence. Can maximize the process in all aspects of data, distribution, production, manufacturing, and prototype.

Therefore, a Magnus Collective platform was created

What is Magnus Collective?

Magnus Collective is the world’s first blockchain-based network of robotics agents, intelligent AIs, hardware, Sensors, and fully decentralized human beings. Magnus Collective creates a global market aimed at improving processing power, skills, and knowledge.

The platform is bringing blockchains to the market of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics that are believed to experience rapid growth in the coming years.

The goal of the Magnus platform was to define the universe of robotics and AI automation for organizations. The company is also projected to be a fundamental building block for artificial intelligence agents, human programmers, Internet of Things devices, and future hardware.

The company believes that if the technology of blockchain and artificial intelligence is a revolution that will change people in the future. This is even the way we feel now; we can do all the things we want very easily when having access to blockchain and using robotics. Also, our work becomes lighter thanks to the automation system.

Magnus Collective is also very confident if AI technology is a future for humankind. Therefore he is so eager to combine the blockchain technology with AI. The platform invites us to a new and better era.

One company spokesman explains that the ultimate goal of Magnus Collective is to make machines better, Robots are cheaper and faster, people smarter, and AI is much better than before, by providing facilities that make it easier for agents to collaborate on the Magnus ecosystem.

Magnus Collective wants to help developers to monetize and distribute their software. With Magnus’s network, individuals, organizations, and companies can empower the sensor networks, hardware, human agents, AI agents, and Robots to participate in the market. Can by selling and buying goods or services. The platform provides more extensive space and is not limited to specific domains only.

Platform Magnus has big plans for various applications and industries. On its official website, we can see the business use case and the implementation of Magnus blockchain for agricultural machines, consumer electronics machines, healthcare machines, hotel machinery, supply chain machines, free vehicle engines, engine utilities, retail engines, transport, and logistics machinery.

Magnus Collective Company has several partners from major companies like Nokia, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Servier, AScension, Pfizer, and more. Also, the platform is also recognized by several significant associations such as Disney, Boston Consulting Group, IEEE, and Robo-Business.

It is featured in major global research reports on home security and robots. Not only that, but Magnus Partners is also featured in IEEE, BCG, Forbes, Fortune, Mashable, PopSci, and Discovery. Magnus Collective has an ICO brand ambassador for famous personalities. It consists of Randers FC (Denmark), US St Etienne (France), and Ousmane Sarr (Arsenal (England).

ICO Magnus Token

Magnus Token is an exclusive currency that users can use to rent AI, IOT, and robotics resources in the Magnus Collective ecosystem. This token is based on NEP-5 NEP and ERC-20 Ethereum. Magnus can also be used for staking. Users will get a portion of the transaction fee paid when people use Magnus Token to purchase goods and services.

This token is based on NEP-5 NEP and ERC-20 Ethereum. These tokens will be increasingly needed in the coming years as the robotics, AI, and IOT industries grow.

The ICO Magnus Token begins on February 15, 2018, and is currently open. 1 Magnus Token sells for 0.66 USD. The platform accepts purchases using GAS, NEO, and Ethereum. Unsold tokens will be burned and cannot be mined.

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