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FuzeX Review and ICO Detail-Simple and Smart Cryptocurrency Debit/Credit Card

Digital currencies, which have gained a spectacular upward trend in recent years, are increasingly influencing the world economy. Consumers’ spending habits, methods of buying and new developments in digital currencies seem to make them indispensable in the coming days. In the basic sense, it is possible to express the digital currency as a virtual concept concealed behind a set of cryptography, which is actually called “crypto money”, which depends on mathematical operations, which are extremely difficult and costly to achieve. Cryptocurrencies have enabled a new architecture for peer-to-peer transactions without a trusted broker.

As we have seen with the internet, distributed protocols can give users the ability to directly transact, circumventing slow-moving and sometimes corrupt intermediaries. One benefit of these systems is protecting consumers from payment censorship. Another potential benefit is opening up the currently privatized infrastructures underlying our financial and data systems.

Beyond the realm of finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology development have sparked an effort to rethink the way that power and authority is embedded into the digital infrastructures that pervade our social, political, and economic lives. In the light of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology development, is there a way to use our digital currencies in our daily lives like spending on credit cards or withdrawing money from a debit card?

What is FuzeX?

FuzeX is an platform that allows the developing gathering of individuals with digital forms of money to defeat this present reality convenience issues identified with cryptographic forms of money by looking past the standard methods that have been embraced by some companies.

Additionally, while many organizations have moved toward the cryptographic money ease of use issue with an intelligent prepaid card arrangement, the utilization of the cards is typically restricted to a couple of digital forms of money, and they are acknowledged by not very many traders consequently thwarting the more extensive reception of the cards.

The FuzeX Card & FuzeX Wallet offer an all in one payment solution that provides a smarter way to pay. The project’ aim is to make paying with cryptocurrency,debit,credit and reward cards easier, faster and more convenient.

The FuzeX card, wallet, and ecosystem have created room for real-time exchange of cryptocurrency meaning users are now able to spend their cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime they feel like. The FuzeX team is encompassed of a group of tech-savvy professionals, payment specialists, business, and marketing strategist that have been determined to ease the use and spending of cryptocurrencies. The FuzeX ecosystem is divided into three main parts. These are;

  • The FuzeX Card,
  • The FuzeX Wallet,
  • The FuzeX Exchange

Features of FuzeX Card

The FuzeX card has all the features of the standard Fuze card with multi-cryptocurrency integration. This card has the same size and thickness as the normal credit or debit card and can store and manage up to 30 cryptocurrency accounts.

Additionally, the card also has built-in buttons for powering on/off, entering pin codes and authorizing payments. Furthermore, the card has an EPD display for viewing balances, barcodes for reward payments, a remote wipe function for clearing data, a battery life of 60 days among other awesome features. The FuzeX wallet performances as the hub to the FuzeX card by allowing users to spend, store, transfer and receive cryptocurrency tokens.

The wallet permits registration of new users, accomplishes different cryptocurrencies and their rates, sends and receives cryptocurrencies, checks account balances, exchange rates, and transaction history, secures the Fuzex wallet by only allowing registered devices and a two-factor authentication for the purposes of securing a private key management.

Android and iOS applications will also be available in order to use your smartphone as a complement to the FuzeX card. You can monitor transactions, top up the security levels and will also be available some discounts/bonus to the users.

Pay Smarter with the FuzeX Ecosystem

The FuzeX Ecosystem provides real-time exchange between crypto and fiat currencies. This means that you can now bridge the gap between your online wallet and the one in your pocket.
  • Select the crypto you want on your FuzeX Card. Then see your account balance and real-time conversion ratio in fiat currency (conventional).
  • Submit your FuzeX Card to Merchant. The merchant then inserts your FuzeX Card as usual and the POS terminal sends a request to the respective Issuer.
  • The publisher directly checks your account with sufficient fiat funds through the FuzeX Exchange. If there are sufficient funds, then the payment is authorized. If not, then the payment is declined
  • The merchant accepts the payment authorization and the payment has been completed. You then receive a courtesy purchase summary through your FuzeX Purse.

The Future Payment of FuzeX

Anytime, Anywhere
Real-time exchange rates mean that you can spend your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere you like.

Cycle through your cyrptocurrency, debit,credit and reward accounts on the E-Paper display to select your method of payment.

Store up to 15 cryptocurrency accounts,10 credit or debit cards and 5 reward cards all in one clever e-card.

Two-factor authentication,loss prevention and an on-card key code give you the peace of mind to spend securely.

ICO Detail
  • Token Name FXT
  • Schedule Pre Sale: 15/01/2018 – 15/01/2018
  • Crowdsale: Early 2018
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Price 1 FXT = 0.00008 ETH (0.0833 USD)
  • Equity on offer 60% (636.000.000 FXT)
  • Bonus Pre Sale: 25 %
  • Payment BTC, ETH
FuzeX Review and ICO Detail-Simple and Smart Cryptocurrency Debit/Credit Card FuzeX Review and ICO Detail-Simple and Smart Cryptocurrency Debit/Credit Card Reviewed by haw on August 02, 2018 Rating: 5

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