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Gese : Join The Protection System Against Counterfeit Alcohol

About Gese

Gese is a blockchain that tracks each bottle from the manufacturer to the hands of the buyer. This unhackable technology now contains information about the most copied product in the world. Manufacturers only have a narrow range of tools to promote their products, such as partnerships with large chain stores or viral marketing. Because of these restrictions, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns is significantly reduced.Gese is a system of rating and grading with the fastest and easiest content access on the market. One does not need to scan the label: the NFC tag embedded in each bottle will provide full information about the product.

Gese Sellers (shops, bars and restaurants) face diculties in opening a business and attracting new customers. In commercial areas, such as clothing or electronics trade, there are numerous aggregators that allow targeted sales of items based on geolocation and user preferences. No such tools exist in the alcohol market. Consumers interested in purchasing high-quality alcohol face the problem of product selection. An inexperienced buyer nds it difficult to sort through a wide range of goods displayed on typical store shelves. In the alcohol market, the product selection problem is aggravated by an abundance of counterfeit items: according to various estimates, from 30 to 60 percent of alcoholic.


Currently, the alcohol market is experiencing the following ve key problems:

  1. Manufacturers lose money because of the spread of counterfeit products;
  2. Brands can not effectively promote their goods due to legislative limitations and low eciency of existing tools;
  3. Local vendors are having diculty nding new customers;
  4. Manufacturers of craft alcohol cannot attract investment for the implementation of their projects;
  5. Consumers are faced with the problem of choosing quality alcohol at convenient locations and at affordable price.

Technologies and capabilities of the platform

As a result of platform analysis, we developed a borderline solution that adopted the best economy and speed features of POS blockchains as well as Ethereum platform’s smart contracts along with its ERC standard. The product developed by us combines advantages of these two blockchains to deliver the best solutions for set tasks:from the POA architecture our platform inherited speed and logic allowing it to carry out a comparable number of transactions, limited only by equipment’s technical characteristics, not by the software platform itself; from Ethereum our platform adopted security of financial transactions and deals, ensured thanks to smart contracts.

The main functions of the platform

Cashback for all purchases made through the application.

Mobile application for scanning tags.

Rewards for ratings and product reviews.

Alcohol authentication with the help of NFC tags.

Personal assistant with artificial intelligence.

Ad exchange collecting 1022 metrics.

Token Issue

Token Issue: limited to 600 000 000 pcs. Issued by the Etherium network’s smart contract. Acquisition: Initially – through tokensale, later on – via external exchanges or internal exchange (exchange for internal tokens). Storage method – Platform wallet / ETH Wallet. Can be used for trading on exchanges/purchasing

Token Released

Gese tokens are released within 2 platforms: Gese and Ethreum – tokens of both platforms are interchangeable and exist is equal numbers. Input and output of tokens to/from Gese is carried out by means of a special gateway platform tokens / making payments for platform services.

Allocation of collected funds

Distribution of tokens relative to the sold ones:

Investors are for sale 65% (ICO + presale) of which Presale 5%;
bounty — 5 %;
advisors – 10% – blocking for 6 months;
team – 10% – blocking for 6 months;
reserved — 10 %.

Protection System

It provides an additional guarantee that the tags would not be tampered with since information about each tag is stored within the blockchain. – It helps ensure security of transactions – in our project each user has his own cryptocurrency wallet. – All reviews, comments and product information are stored within the blockchain and therefore, cannot be altered or deleted. – Blockchain, or more precisely, smart contracts provide a system for awarding cashback for purchases and bonuses for posts and reviews.


  • Martin – Advisor
  • Andery – Founder
  • Polina  – Adviser
  • I Alexander – Adviser
  • Alexandar Strakh – Engineer
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