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Ubex Token ICO: Decentralized Blockchain AI Advertising Exchange

What is Ubex about?

At the heart of Ubex’s advertising purchasing algorithms, lie neural networks that process information about each visitor to the member networks’ websites. The neural networks evaluate the interests of users, calculate the likelihood of targeted actions for all advertiser offers, and choose the most suitable advertisement. Thanks to this, member network website visitors see only those ads that are maximally confined to their interests, and which would convince them to fulfill the target action with maximum probability. Thus, Ubex maximizes the targeting of advertising and the economic efficiency for advertisers. Ubex aims to solve the problem of low confidence in the purchase of digital advertising. Smart contracts allow for making the relationship of advertisers and publishers (owners of ad slots on sites) as transparent and fair as possible, as well as minimizing the risks for all parties. By applying such an approach, Ubex allows passage from the traditional pay per click scheme to the model of payment for targeted actions, the most fair and interesting model for advertisers.

What is the value proposition

The project creates value to the ecosystem in several ways. Firstly, by allowing all participants to contribute to the development of the Ubex AI and neural network by engaging in training of the AI core for rewards. Secondly, the UBEX Token is augmented by the Buyback function, which will reduce the amount of UBEX Tokens available in free circulation, thus decreasing their available market supply, and proportionally increasing their market price. Thirdly, the Ubex platform is scalable and will allow for the addition of various applications that will facilitate the operations of its participants.

Who’s Behind Ubex?

Ubex began its life in Q4 2016 when the company launched an advertising platform exclusively focused on promoting payday loans. Throughout 2017, the company added features like an API and advertiser auctions. They eventually expanded into an advertising system capable of serving the entire internet.

Ubex is registered under the name Ubex AI AG. The company is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland at Crypto Valley Labs.

Key members of the Ubex team include Artem Chestnov (CEO and co-founder), the ex-Marketing Director for AB Inbev in Belgium. He’s a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in European marketing operations.

Other listed members of the Ubex team include Daniel Biesuz (Head of Legal and co-founder), Guy Weissman (CTO), and Andrew Rippon (COO).

Ubex Conclusion

Ubex is a global decentralized advertising exchange that aims to make it easier for publishers and advertisers to securely interact with each other while using blockchain as an intermediary. The goal is to create a trustless, P2P marketplace where publishers can tokenize online properties and advertisers can maximize the value of advertising campaigns.

To learn more about Ubex and how it works, visit online today at Ubex.com.

Website: https://www.ubex.com
Whitepaper: https://www.ubex.com/wp/Ubex-Whitepaper-en.pdf?8974
Telegram: https://t.me/UbexAI
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubex_ai
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3393244

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