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Bitdepositary : Bridging the Gap between Crypto-Investor Communities and Centralized ICOs

Bitdepositary offers the possibilityforplanned ICO projects to be presented and published to a panel of project managers (companies). Each project will go through meticulous checks that will involve the verification of the feasibility of the project along with numerous tests that will be conducted by tax consultants, lawyers, and other professional specialists, along with users and community users ofthe company. The users ofthe system will also be given an e-money provider that is integrated into the system and enables them to complete payments, exchanges and coins/token from within the platform/app. This gives users a secure and comprehensive way to invest, that is much quicker and easier than other solutions.

Bitdepositary is the first and biggest new generation Q-ratio Market ICO Founding Community with integrated payment solutions to make your ICO investments more secure! We serve as the mediator & payment platform for project managers and a large community of investors. Inside the Bitdepositary space you will find TeamBit. This “organization” (not in the traditional sense) consists of a team of experts, community leaders, accountants, and legal advisors who serve the Bitdepositary investor community. Think of them as a council. The actions taken by TeamBit offer more protection against scams, token theft, and wrong investment decisions. All for the aim of bringing forth a marketplace that presents you with profitable and sustainable ICO projects.

The current issues

There is no doubt that terribly executed ICOs are still lingering in the market. Perhaps not all of them are scam, however, a significant amount of them fail to deliver the initial solutions or promises made to the crypto investors community. Not only that, but the majority of ICOs in the blockchain space focus on Communications (20.5%, in quantum of > $2,008,000,000), Finance (15.5%, over $1,512,000,000), and Trading & Investing (10.0%, over $976,000,000) in the first 5 months of 2018, according to CoinSchedule. While other industries receive little to no funding. To add more, 434 startups raised $9.8 Billion through initial coin offerings in the same timeframe. How many are delivering up to the expectations? That is a lot of crypto capital invested without knowing if it is indeed the right investment. This centralized ICO system provides essential protection to investors against:

Token Theft

The foundation of Bitdespository's work will be the administration software. To tackle the issues surrounding security, a unique system has been implemented using Salesforce which has additionally gained certification by the TUV Rheinland, being completely hosted on German Servers with intelligent security features. Any and every token sale will be passed through these servers. Any payouts, either to Project Managers or Token Buyers will be made with wallets via user accounts in order to offer transparency to both Users and Investors throughout.


In the cryptocurrency marketplace, scams can originate from projects that are powered by criminal energy trying to take advantage or benefit from users and token buyers with limited experience. This lack of experience with ICOs and vendors which may otherwise be considered as completely anonymous can result in users and token owners losing the complete value of their investments. The Bitdepositary difference means that users have an arsenal of professional experts, such as Tax Consultants, Lawyers, and Specialists, along with the collective views and support ofthe Bitdepositaryuser community at large. Each project leader will need to go through a rigorous verification process. The unique algorithm that has been developed by the Bitdepositary team has been specifically developed to ensure that an inexperienced user does not carry the same weighting in the voting process as an experienced user. This is based on the following criteria:

- Duration of membership

- Experience

- Investments made during different phases

- Investment return on their projects

- Positive activities with the community

With this even distribution, as well as the involvement of the parties mentioned above, Bitdepositary has ensured that it could be virtually impossible for an ICO scam to take place within the platform.

Wrong Investment Decisions

When a User or Investor with a low level of experience makes an investment,there is a possibility of missed investment opportunities that can result from this. With the Bitdepositary platform, users are able to follow other Users with a high-experience and who have large volumes of followers. When a User follows a pre-investment, users who are following the specified individual will be notified via email which contains information about the investment that has been made. Along with the rigorous review process of allprojects, this feature is especially useful to help new or inexperienced Investors to avoid wrong investment decisions.

Tax Consultant and Lawyers

Before any project is exposed to the community or the Users, a team of experienced Lawyers and Tax Consultants will meticulously review the details and provide a valuation. When a project is then presented to the community and the Bitdepositary Users, the evaluation from these experts forms an integral part ofthis overall process. Ifthe Tax Consultants or Lawyers do not support the project in the initial review, then it will not progress further in the process. However, due to the fact, the points which are awarded on the part of the company and the professional advisors, the chance of a successful project rollout willbe significantly reduced.

Our Solutions

How do we solve this problem?

So how can we help the next wave of $9.8 Billion and the investors? Or the next 434+ startups raise funds, and make sure they deliver? We plan on offering startups in these lesser “funded” industries a chance & get their idea reviewed by TeamBit, experts, and the investors community itself. All while protecting the community and making sure their funds are invested in the right projects. When we think of ICOs emerging in the blockchain space, our role becomes one of evaluating the crypto world for the most useful, relevant, and profitable ICO investments, in areas relevant to us, to our users and investors likewise by our partner lawyers, tax consultants, and specialists to ensure proper regulation.

Our Solution Against Token Theft

Each token sales runs through our system. Therefore, we reduce the risk of token theft with certain security measures when configuring privileged user accounts. This removes any possibility of impersonation and overrides that may happen in our marketplace.

Protection Guarantee Against Scams

We are able to ward off scams with our verification process that consists of lawyers, tax consultants, specialists, users*, and community users**, all joining forces before project acceptance. Every project leader has to verify himself and his team before using our platform (KYC protocols for teams).

Prevention of Wrong Decision-Making Processes

What you read, watch, and believe in will impact not just your profits, but also the pulse of your everyday life. Therefore, we help users with little experience to make better investment decisions with our open voting system for plausible and secure ICOs.

How It Works

To acknowledge if an ICO project is authentic and trustworthy, the company must go through a voting process. This is an informal survey that allows users to vote for or against a pending project. The voting process works on a separate smart contract for all Investors.

Process and algorithm

Project will not be accepted if the points hinge below the 55% threshold.

Users get their tokens (bounties) free of charge from the project owner, should the project successfully reaches the softcap. Therefore, every company presenting its project must spend tokens on anyone who voted in support of or against the project using our systems. The user receives the token directly into the wallet and thus becomes a customer. The more points a user has, the more tokens he/she gets.

The Voting System

The number of participating users + community users who opted forYES or NO during the voting will be calculated as points. Each voting point is calculated based on the user's investment returns, experience, and reputation. As a result, every company presenting its project must spend out tokens on any user who voted for or against the project. The user receives the token directly into the Bitdepositaryapp and thus becomes a customer when the project is listed. Bitdepositary provides access to the best ICOs with premium app features that do not exist elsewhere. A wholly secure way to invest in some of the most exciting, genuine ICO projects.

More Features

- Integrated Payment Solutions with Credit Card

- User have the option to invest with different currencies in future projects

- Multiwallet and tokens from successful ICOs are included

- Direct Investment in ICOs using our wallet solution

- Based on Salesforce

- Cash withdrawal up to 10.000 EUr per day at 1.2% fee

ICO details

  • Ticker: BDT
  • Pre-ICO Price: 1BDT = 0.05 USD (For both private and open pre-sale)
  • ICO Price: 1 BDT = 0.10 USD (05/09/2018 – 14/09/2018)
  • Bonus, Bounty, and Prototype: Available
  • Accepting: PayPal, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC EOS, and DASH
  • Minimum & Maximum Investments: 10 USD; 150 USD
  • Soft & Hard Cap: 1 000 000 USD; 50 000 000 USD
  • Country: Malta
  • Restricted: Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Iran, and Syria
  • Website: https://bitdepositary.io/
  • White Paper: https://bitdepositary.io/whitepaper.pdf

Bitdepositary has a lot going for it. For starters, they have formed excellent partnerships that increase their chances of succeeding, they have a comprehensive white paper and the token allocation is well balanced, with all the funds clarified. If the project is implemented successfully, users will be able to discern and invest in the most promising ICOs and the scam incidences will be relatively reduced.

Please visit the following channels for further information about the project;
Bitdepositary : Bridging the Gap between Crypto-Investor Communities and Centralized ICOs Bitdepositary : Bridging the Gap between Crypto-Investor Communities and Centralized ICOs Reviewed by haw on September 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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