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Tombola ICO (TBL Token): Fair Blockchain Lottery Gambling Service

Kind time of the day, crypto moguls!

Previously, there were many interesting projects related to the world Crypto-currency, which received good advantages with this technology. TO example, projects related to real estate, with automotive themes and even charitable projects. The technology blockade really gave a new era of development projects. But we have not touched one area yet — this is a game.

And the game becomes much more interesting if it is for money! This is even more exciting than reading news or clicking on links, getting for it tokens. Interested? Then I’ll tell you about the Tombola project. He’s pretty interesting and most importantly honest.

I think it’s not necessary to tell that the mass has spread on the Internet now Internet casinos, foreign currency Internet auctions, online bookmakers, young millionaires who offer to earn or buy from them a course - how to become rich, learn win-win ways to beat casinos, etc. For sure you went to a similar site or saw an advertisement. Needless to say, that You will not get profit from this — you will simply be divorced and you will lose your real money.

Tombola is the first crypto currency project that offers gambling, but fair games and lotteries, their transparency is guaranteed by blockade technology. According to some independent experts, this project will be in the near future. time is the standard of online gambling.
In the process of the game you can get a crypto-income or even free coins I use FreeCoin. It’s simple — you need to register on the site and you can start playing. After registration, select the top right screen of the button of your account, in it the item “FreeCoin” and receive for free on your account 100 satoshi.

At the heart of this project are lotteries and gaming platforms that are based on the EOS block. This system stores in itself all the information, for example about purchased electronic lottery tickets, participating and winning numbers, as well as winners, this all makes impossible the various forgery and manipulation of intruders for illegal enrichment.

The project algorithm generates hashed data, then they are recorded using the EOS block game and player data. Then the platform calculates the outcome of the game results, with all results, such as mathematical calculations, the stages of totals, and all this is hashed in the block.

Positive Sides

  • Without deceit — there is no fraud and manipulation of winnings
  • Closer to the user — the platform does not imply any additional or hidden payments;
  • Stimulation — authors encourage participants to play and regularly distribute up to 50% of profits to all platform players
  • Security — the security and transparency of all game data. Blocking will prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing your information and the funds won;
  • Different versions of games — “Black and White”, “3 Bones” and others
  • Payments — a guarantee of all payments through smart contracts
  • Experienced team of developers; Cons of the project
  • the platform does not give participants the right to vote and the right to participate in decision-making on projects
  • There is no good mobile application, allowing to play on devices with support for Android or iOS.
  • there is no data on insurance of funds collected as a result of the main the ICO program. Lack of insurance can lead to platform losses. Tombola is promoting the worldwide lottery program. You do not need anywhere go and buy a ticket, everything is done via the Internet and the project site. Imagine what can be a win if participation will not take Only residents of one country, as in national lotteries, and computer users from all over the world.

Marketing programs of the Tombola project


Information on them is available on the main page of the project’s website.
Internet and social networking groups.
When entering the site, the system checks compatibility and relevance
Your browser — update it if necessary or use another one.
Now the following types of games are available:

“Black and White” (Black & White);
Offers a game based on instant winnings. You just need to do the right choice is black or white. The chances of winning in a 50/50 ratio, which is not so they are small and small. You choose one of the options. For the allotted time you need to guess more times than to be mistaken. All the funds won immediately will be on your account.

“Turtle Race” (Turtle Race);
You need to choose a turtle that will win in an exciting race on the run. You must bet on a red, green or blue turtle for allotted time. If your turtle wins the race, then you are paid winning. The main thing to guess which of the reptiles runs faster.

Three Bones (Three Dice);
This is one of the varieties usually, all familiar games with two dice.
Only here there are three. You need to predict and get the sum of the numbers dropped on
three dice. Before the “throw” you can choose the faces (upper or lower),
on which the calculation will be made. A player can make several attempts.

“5/20 speed Lotto” (5/20 Lotto);
This game replaced the earlier project Tombola 6/45, but
Since the probability of winning decreased, the bet in the game increased. Necessary
guess 5 numbers from 20 Second, third and fourth winners winnings
will be paid immediately. 20% of the bet will go to the next game, and 10% will be
is spent on a fee per game. The winner can also pick up the jackpot in case
complete victory. If you are good at playing lotto — try your hand at this

Developers have well defended their gaming site, as well as accounts players from hacking and DDOS attacks. You can be sure of the opportunity to play or earn, to each his own, at any convenient time, and also calmly to dispose of your winning means.

It is believed that the project began its existence in April 2017, when EarlyTeamBuild team came up with a concept and conducted research in the field of game theory. Then in January 2018 the technical documentation. In February of the same year, infrastructure testing took place project and the launch of the preliminary stage of the ICO. A month later the launch took place the main stage of the ICO and game projects on the Tombola platform, appeared the possibility of crypto. In April, a license was obtained and launched platform TombolaLotto 645 Since January 2019 Tombola pay dividends to project participants.

It seems that gambling is moving to a new level of its development thanks to the technology blockade, crypto currency and the Internet. Of course, as in any gambling, victory is a matter of chance, luck and luck. I’m glad that no one In advance, he does not try to deceive and propose a deliberately losing option. The team really tried and presented us with the Tombola project and we wish them good luck, because honest gambling is extremely rare.

  • Token TBL
  • PreICO Price 1 TBL = 0.04508 USD
  • Price 1 TBL = 0.04508 USD
  • Bonus Available
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH
  • Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
  • Soft cap 25,000,000 TBL
  • Hard cap 250,000,000 TBL
  • Country Hong Kong
  • Whitelist/KYC None
  • Restricted areas USA, China
Distribution of tokens
  • Pre ICO — 20%
  • Main ICO — 30%
  • Stretegic Partner & Marketing — 17%
  • Reserve Bank Roll — 20%
  • Team — 10%
  • Airdrop — 2%
  • Bounty — 1%


The team of the project is quite young and have a lot of experience behind them in various fields. Also, the project team is very hardworking and do not sit around, but move gradually towards their goal. And I’m sure they will achieve it. You can see each of them on the official website: https://www.tombola.io/

Tombola ICO (TBL Token): Fair Blockchain Lottery Gambling Service Tombola ICO (TBL Token): Fair Blockchain Lottery Gambling Service Reviewed by haw on September 06, 2018 Rating: 5

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