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London Block Exchange (LBX,) in the heart of the City of London.

About LBX

The London Block Exchange is the first multi-cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to the UK market. Based in Canary Wharf, LBX provides a credible, safe and easy exchange for consumers and institutional investors – delivered via its online platform and app.

This is underpinned by educational content, bank-grade security and solid governance, with four cryptocurrencies currently available for trade with more added each month. LBX is currently in the process of applying for its FCA Electronic Money Institution licence. For more information visit londonblockexchange.com.

London Block Exchange (LBX) is a UK-based trading platform for cryptocurrencies, which is still not operational. It will be offering an online platform and a mobile trading application for iOS devices (Android coming soon). The users would be able to trade cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies. For now, the clients would be able to trade Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple for GBP. More cryptos are promised to be added on a regular basis.

LBX advantages

- Major coins. LBX is going to offer to trade in some of the largest cryptocurrencies and plans to be adding more.

- Mobile app. In addition to a web-based trading platform, LBX is going to be available only as a mobile application. Users would be able to trade in cryptos, have access to real-time market data, deposit and withdraw funds and manage their portfolio and balances in real-time.

- Services for institutional traders/brokers. LBX will offer over-the-counter services for institutional traders and brokers. They would be able to trade cryptocurrencies under preferential conditions for high volume orders. LBX currently offers trading in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, paired with £, € and $. There is a requirement for a minimum trade size of £25,000 per cryptocurrency.

- Offers educational services. LBX has a “College of Crypto” - an educational section on the site that gives basic information about the important aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies – what they are, how they work and explains the basic terminology of the industry. There is also information about the largest cryptocurrencies, what is an ICO, etc., and regular market reports.

- Fast deposits and withdrawals. LBX will utilize UK’s Faster Payment Service (FPS) that will reduce the processing time of fiat deposit and withdrawals. Additionally, users of the FPS will be able to seamlessly exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat (GBP) and the other way around. However, the service will be available only for premium and pre-registered users. They will also benefit from no deposit fee and low withdrawal fees.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Hires Award-winning Design Consultancy for Leading-Edge App

Due to launch in December, the LBX app offers full trading functionality and will include Sterling to crypto exchange across four major digital currencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum) – with more added in the new years.

The trading platform will offer additional services including API access and margin trading from early 2018, catering to consumer or institutional investors alike.

The software will be secured by the same systems that protect the UK’s banking providers whilst delivering a user experience on a par with some of the leading financial apps available.

It will also enable LBX to operate under strict anti-money laundering guidelines, complying with all UK bank requirements.

LBX pre-sale now LIVE: How to buy ‘LBXu’

1. Register

Go to https://lbx.com/token-sale and fill in your registration details.

In the ‘Your Personal Ethereum Wallet Address’ tab below, please provide us with your personal ETH wallet public address, which you will be receiving your LBXu tokens.

Don’t have an ETH wallet? Click here to find out how to create one!

2. Keep a look out for a welcome email

Once you’ve registered, go to your inbox and find the welcome email which will contain our LBXu ETH contribution address that you can send your funds to.

There is no minimum contribution. Note that 1 ETH = 1,000 LBXu. Details of bonuses can be found in the white-paper, which you can download by registering here.

3. All done!

Congratulations, you have now contributed to the LBXu presale! For any further inquiries please contact tokens@lbx.com — all done!

Telegram Community: https://t.me/lbxcommunity
Telegram News: https://t.me/lbxnews

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London Block Exchange (LBX,) in the heart of the City of London. London Block Exchange (LBX,) in the heart of the City of London. Reviewed by haw on October 29, 2018 Rating: 5

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