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ENDCHAIN: Complete Logistical Solution

I would possibly favor to acquaint you with a charming task. Utilizing a blockchain allows you to streamline several everyday procedures. What we do every day and absolutely don't suppose about which manner it experiences. One of these methods is the conveyance of merchandise. The endchain undertaking ability to cowl each segment of the stock network, such as the utilized auto advertise. This project permits its purchasers to music with blockchain, even each and everyday merchandise. Extra store network correspondence and more chain introduction capacities moreover enhance the item's value to the inventory network.

EndChain gives a complete and savvy coordinations bundle that benefits all aspects of the inventory network. While most reusing brands are established around pinnacle of the line merchandise, EndChain centers around the low-and mid-advertise - a place that has been not noted for a definitely long time. EndChain can enter this market on account of the simplicity and low framework value contrasted with special tokens that emphasis on pricey NFC chips or guide facts sources.

The Platform makes use of the QR code EndChain:

It is remarkable, which consists of a standardized identification in QR code. This format makes it simple to utilize on the grounds that EndChain purchasers recognize how to test just the code discovered on the bundling. Different agencies that rely on out of date standardized identification innovation can filter the coordinated scanner tag. So the QR code EndChains makes an exceptional code to work with every variety of platform. Another favored standpoint is that a code can refresh each the blockchain and all inner heritage frameworks with a solitary sweep. The objective is to limit multifaceted nature and increment productivity.

What problem does EndChain solve? (or: what human need does it satisfy?) and how exactly does it do so?

Existing logistics organizations and producers see the benefit in blockchain tracking, but are hesitant to revamp multi-million dollar systems. EndChain allows corporations to effortlessly extract each the everyday barcode information and the item-specific blockchain QR code statistics at the equal time. As EndChain's application will be jogging in the background of existing systems, our mixture code will be easily recognized by our software and the generic records will be entered into legacy systems for typical logistics and manufacturers. Simultaneously, the blockchain will be up to date with the item-specific blockchain data.

How is the thought monetized? How do the token holders profit?

EndChain has multiple ways to be monetized: via corporations buying our patent-pending QR and barcode combinations, massive information and smart contracts. To make certain that token holders will profit, 2-4% of all transactions will go to burning tokens. As the number of tokens decreases, the cost of these remaining will increase.

Highlights of Endchain

All information associated with gadgets on EndChain is written to the blockchain. This approves users to view the history of objects, however, cannot trade or delete any data, thereby minimizing employee mistakes whilst protecting the privateness of consumers.

Direct connection
EndChain has an encrypted verbal exchange system that allows all verbal exchange in production and transport. The lines of conversation are secure, as solely the members have got admission to it.

Physical security
EndChain reduces the theft instances in the supply chain method by way of marking all stolen objects in the system. This lets in it to become aware of and rapidly detect theft in the manufacturing and transport process.

Smart contract
This platform will put in force smart contracts with the provide chain, make sure transparency and compliance with all events worried in the process, and make sure the validity of digitized files in the furnish chain. the response.

Details Endchain ICO and ENCN token

Available tokens: 55% 
Price: 1 ENCN = $0.24 
Soft Cap: $4,000,000 
Hard Cap: $15,000,000 
Buy with: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC 
Platform: Ethereum 
Location: Hong Kong
MVP/Prototype: Yes 
Escrow: No 
Category: Supply & Logistics

PRE-ICO Starts in

  • November 2017
    Development of EndChain concept 
February 2018 
  • Whitepaper v1 completed design process flow 
June 2018 
  • Discussions with patent lawyers 
August 2018
  • First working version of the unique EndChain QR code/barcode Different versions being tested for efficiency 
September 2018 
  • Launch of www.EndChain.io Release of a finalized EndChain Whitepaper 
October 2018 
  • Setting up ICO and reaching out to potential partners* Obtain patent pending status 
December 2018 
  • Start token crowdsale* 
January 2019 
  • Finish of crowdsale Token distribution following internal and external audit 
  • Develop beta smart contract library Basic KYC framework development Prepare strategic partners for early adoption 
  • Direct communications infrastructure Create API for easy use of our system 
  • Complete test platform for contracts Alpha-testing of Minimal Viable Prdoduct through existing app with leading partner 
  • Beta testing of the app, roll out beta to a more partners UI and UX improvements to app 
  • Discuss with beta testing users and update app based upon suggestions Improve app functionality and backend integration 
  • Improvements for fraud reporting and allocation Train AI to recognize patterns in fraud 
  • Full version of app launch 
  • Big data analytics opens Further development and features to be announced
Main Team of the project

AARON PERKOWITZ: CEO, currently working in the logistics department of HNA Group. He has participated in a number of logistic projects worth up to $ 500 million. After working for a multinational company in the logistics supply chain, Aaron set himself up for Endchain. Aaron graduated from Shanghai Transportation University and has a master's degree.

PIERRE ANGOT: Chief Technology Officer, Pierre is a blockchain enthusiast who has graduated from the École Centrale Lyon College, one of France's leading universities. He currently supports leading companies of France integrates artificial intelligence and application of blockchain technology.

FELIX ENGELHARDT, Business Development, Felix has over 6 years of business development experience in Asia. He worked for Bright Tech Technology before moving to the Endchain project.

VASIL DUKOV, Marketing Manager, Vasil began his career at CROSS Invest in Europe before moving to Shanghai as a M & A. Vasil was also the senior manager of the HNA project.

Project Portal

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