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IDA - International Digital Asset Management


The twenty first century can be viewed as the dawn of a globalised know-how economy. Traditional commercial enterprise models and markets are bracing for varying stages of disruption from the maturation of swiftlyevolving statistics technologies. IDA is creating a facts ecosystem that integrates the actual and information economies, offering a whole digitisation solution that uses the Internet of Things (IoT), large data, and synthetic talent on a digitised asset public blockchain.

What is IDA.?

 IDA is offering public networks a total digitization solution connecting the real and digital economy through the integration of blockchain, IoT, big data, and AI. The IDA Ecosystem offers an effective channel for digitizing assets and equity data, substantially reducing different industry transaction costs, while providing a very reliable credit system. This creates a new economic model to support small growth and medium enterprises in various different industries

IDA Chain is the newest asset digitization platform built using Matrix AI Network’s underlying technology. IDA aims to build a platform that allows the digitization of the real economy, hence allowing for the connectivity and circulation of digital assets, an ecosystem that allows the exchange of all qualified real assets.

Asset Tokenisation on IDA Chain

IDA represents assets on their blockchain by a unique, unambiguous digital identifier — a ‘token’ — which can easily be made into a transferable smart asset. This allow IDA to offer much more possibilities other than just asset record keeping.

On IDA it is possible for tokens to represent anything that has been, and could be, considered a resource or asset. IDA Chain will be designed to handle traditional, physical assets, especially high value illiquid physical assets like real estate, precious stones, natural resources etc.

This provides great advantages, once an asset is tokenized on IDA Chain, it has an immutable digital record, one that can include where it came from and every single time it has changed hands. Having such an unbroken chain of origination and custody makes these assets easy to account for and validate. It is also possible to add metadata to it. This can be descriptions, images, video, insurance policies, almost anything of relevance. This makes the system not only transactional but also a highly secure and informative network.

IOT technology will also be used to develop data tracking capabilities, partnering with Matrix AI Network, they will design resource management capabilities for the most extreme environmental conditions. Matrix will also be creating a digital supplier ecosystem. The ecosystem will support a network of value-added manufacturing services.

Key advantages

Global economy
Many companies have some financial capital to successfully develop their strategies. Such companies are able to launch various projects in the real world. But these companies don't have the ability to do the same in the digital world. The developers have created the IDA platform for these purposes. They want to enable these companies to move the capital to a new digital market, where the companies will launch new projects. Also, the companies will be able to start a business without special knowledge. Artificial Intelligence and digital assets will help them adapt faster.

The best option for the company's development
Users of the IDA platform will also have the opportunity to use their finances wisely.

The companies will be able to find the optimal solution for the use of free money due to the gradual increase in the popularity of their products and services. Clients of the platform will be able to enter the world market without any problems. All assets will be used efficiently and reasonably. Also, small companies can really solve many of their problems that do not give them the opportunity to fully develop in the modern market. Now these problems include: illogical use of capital, lack of experience of interaction with new customers and products, as well as the illiterate distribution of free money.

Industry impact
There are no services on the market to date that allow timely and secure digitization of assets. The IDA platform provides these capabilities to its users. All of them will be able to digitize their own assets, thereby transferring their companies to a new market in the digital space. To get a powerful push in the development of their company, users can also take a cryptocurrency loan. It only takes a few minutes to create a loan application. Terms of the loan will be very soft and profitable. Blockchain and smart contract in such cases act as a guarantor of cooperation. All these advantages will allow companies to gradually develop and discover many opportunities in completely new markets.

IDA Token

IDA Tokens will be used as an exchange unit between members of the IDA ecosystem. The purpose of introducing IDA tokens is to provide a safe and convenient way of payment and settlement between participants who interact in the ecosystem in the IDA ecosystem.

Whereas the MRT is a digital representation of real assets and equity shares in the IDA ecosystem. However, to really enable asset distribution on digital platforms, you need to create a standard format for media transactions. IDA tokens solve circulation problems for MRT, which represent various asset categories.

IDA Tokens will be used in the following ways:

  • Provides a technology base and support for MRT
  • As a technology solution and payment mechanism for issuing secondary MRT, which represents real assets and shares.
  • As payment of fees for transfers to the MRT market
  • As a cost to protect IP and other costs for services in the IDA ecosystem.
  • Computational resources needed to complete the transaction
  • consumption of this resource (i.e., "mining" in the IDA ecosystem),
  • And IDA tokens will be used as an exchange unit to measure and pay for services.
  • the cost of computing resources consumed.

Private sales: starting October 15, 2018

ICO details

IDA Platform: ETHereum
Type: ERC20

The first token will release 2.6% of the total, or 0.26 billion IDA tokens, totaling US $ 6,148 million. The first round main participants will be participants at the initial stage and private buyers. The results will be used for developers, research and development costs to improve Iot's asset tracking and interchain technology, foreign market development, community incentives, administrative staff, legal advice and discretionary fees. The total supply of IDA tokens will be 10 billion without additional expansion.

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