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IronX Crypto Trading Platform Receives Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Approval

Ironx Virtual Asset Exchange Received Supervisory Authorization In Crypto-Friendly Estonia

IronX is a virtual asset exchange which was set up in June this year by the IronFX Group, in conjunction with EmurgoHK, who are also the pioneers of the Cardano (ADA) DLT project. The exchanged has been granted the approval by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). The firm now has the license to carry out business activities in the region as a fully regulated virtual asset trading venue.

As a result of the approval, IronX is now among the initial exchanges in the entire region of Europe to achieve such an accomplishment. This is according a report by to Finance Magnates.

To Support Virtual Asset-To-Fiat Transactions

While the continent of Europe is largely a virtual asset friendly region, several bitcoin-linked firms are yet to be granted approvals by supervisory bodies. A report released by Finance Magnates indicate that IronX has included its name in the chronology of books as being among the few virtual asset trading platforms to apply for and get the full endorsement of a fiscal regulator.

As a result of being granted the license, IronX will now be in a position of providing its clients with crypto-to-fiat transactions, virtual asset wallet services, as well as a conventional margin trading, among a host of other services.

The firm is thrilled at being one of the initial recipients of both provider of crypto to fiat exchange service as well as provider of crypto wallet services. Having been founded in 2010, the firm has its head office in Limassol, Cyprus.

It is worth noting that the joint parent firm of IronX, which is called the IronFX is one of the key forex brokerage companies which is providing customers with CFDs, fiscal services as well as forex trading. The platform is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is tasked with the responsibility of regulating platforms in the United Kingdom. IronX also has the endorsement of a number of regulators in South Africa, Cyprus, as well as Australia.

Getting hold of a virtual asset license for the IronX virtual asset exchange was a really quick and smooth procedure for the firm. According to the chairman and founder of the IronFX Group, Markos Kashiouris, the firm has a total of eight years in the derivative and commodity trading industry. This has been instrumental in assisting the firm to realize its goal of an all in one trading stand for its customers.

Markos also asserts that the company now stands out among several other rivals in the industry. This is because it is now in a position of permitting investors, be they private or institutional, to transaction in virtual assets within the protected space. The same investors would carry out transactions as they would trade forex, equities as well as other tradable assets.

Markos also confirmed that the Beta version of the exchange is expected to be active before the end of this month. However, only VIP IRX virtual asset holders will be permitted to use this particular platform for now.

Business Concept

After reviewed the business concept from the IronX whitepaper, I saw that the IronX’s business concept had good and logical qualities. Today, many cryptocurrency trading platforms and websites were created by inexperienced developers and companies, thus bring up various problems:

(1) not complying with or having no regulation;
(2) slow;
(3) bad interface;
(4) not safe (frequently hacked);
(5) customer support is not responsive to handle complaints; etc.

Since IronFX has the experience to create a high-performance forex trading platform, the idea of making a large-scale digital currency trading platform could pretty much be realized. Like forex and stock trading in general, there are key success factors, such as:

  • Comply with the regulations (for customer protection);
  • Its architecture has a very fast and robust performance;
  • High-level data security and confidentiality;
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use; and
  • Quality service support.

The IronX project promises to create a product that can accommodate these key success factors, and in my opinion, the possibilities are large enough to be realized.

Between IRONX and EmurgoHK

 The IronFX Group and EmurgoHK Group, will be joining forces so as to create a crypto exchange that will operate as a regulated, service-focused, exchange. IronFX is a global multi-regulated foreign-exchange trading provider and EmurgoHK is a Hong Kong company that accelerates different blockchain projects and has created the Cardano Blockchain

The IRONX Exchange is a very exciting Joint Venture for the EmurgoHK Group. Our partnership with a global online trading powerhouse, like IronFX, combined with our in depth understanding of blockchain technology and the global crypto community, will address the key issues being faced by crypto investors and traders around the world at the moment, and look forward to the launch of IronX and a new era in the space of Crypto Exchanges.

Token sale Information

Ticker Symbol: IRX
Platform Ethereum
Accepts: JPY, ETH, USD, BTC, EUR
Soft Cap: 18,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 50,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale: 82,308,213 IRX
Token price: 1 IRX = 0.42 USD
Minimum purchase: 100 USD
token sale starting 1st November 2018 - 15th December 2018

The IRX Token private sale ran from the 20th of June 2018 until the 30th of August 2018, and successfully sold 67,691,787 tokens, at the price of $0.33 (USD) per token, for a value of $22,338,290 (USD). After a successful private sale, IronX has decided to release an additional up to 82,308,213 tokens for the public sale

Meeting Ironx


Nowadays a lot of projects are being created in different countries, But not much of them with solid standard and good qualities as IRONX does.

For more or further details, please! Kindly follow the links below

WEBSITE: https://ironx.io

IronX Crypto Trading Platform Receives Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Approval IronX Crypto Trading Platform Receives Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) Approval Reviewed by haw on November 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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