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Liker-World ICO (LIKER Token): Blockchain Education Technology Rewards

LIKER is a blockchain-based platform that combines technology and education. The platform, which is set to hold its ICO in a few days seeks to reward its platform users as they pursue their education. But how will this be done?


According to its founders, access to quality education is often hindered by a number of factors, top among them being wealth or social class. Often, these are factors that are beyond the learner's control or choice. As such, its founders are of the belief that everyone has a right to education, regardless of who they are, or where they come from.

It is a belief that raises an important question: what happens in situations when a learner is willing to learn regardless of where they are from? This is where LIKER comes in. It does this by:

  • Creating an ecosystem that will make it possible for the learner to pursue their studies
  • Opens an opportunity for any individual that may be interested in learning. This is an equal opportunity for all.
  • It rewards all the participants using the blockchain economy.

The LIKER World

It is possible to continue with your education regardless of your wealth, region, or race. This means that anyone can study regardless of where they are, or when they choose to learn. To ensure that everyone is able to study through LIKER, it:
  • LIKER is making use of big data in providing the content services
  • It has provided all the latest learning contents based on your personal learning needs
  • The platform is safe and transparent. All activities are encrypted, which means no one can see what you are reading while on it.

LIKERWORLD is the fundamental principle of LIKERWORLD ecology that the learning process of the learner, that is, the learning synchronization process which gives the economic rewards to the effort itself. We further promote their educational activities to lead society and humanity to share education and to move beyond the barriers to a more democratic and equitable educational society for all. EDU CREATOR can also donate a part of the Token acquired through the students' entry and user information input through the education platform. LIKER is aiming at p2p education for the age of career diversification called SALADENT (salaryman + student) by 100 years old life cycle learning through educational activities based on the blockchain. And furthermore, all of these activities will support educational resources for students in education blind alienated from education. LIKERWORLD 's mission is to strengthen educational motivation through blockchain - based compensation systems, to bridge the gap between rich and poor and to create an educational future.

- Regardless of race, region, wealth, you can learn though LIKER.
- Regardless when and where you can learn through LIKER.
- LIKER uses Big Data to provide content services.
- LIKER offers the latest learning contents for your needs.
- All the activities at LIKER are encrypted in the blockchain that is transparent and safe.
- Get customized, be trained at LIKER.

Get Rewarded 

 - As you study
- Access to education is often limited by such factors as social class or wealth that are beyond our personal choice or control.
- The right to education should be equal to anyone.
- But what if a person is willing to learn regardless of where they are and when they want.
- LIKER creates the right ecosystem for education.
- LIKER opens the equal opportunity for anyone who wants to learn.
- All participants in LIKER platform will get rewarded in blockchain economy.

ICO Details

Pre-sale Start: Oct 20, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Pre-sale End: Nov 19, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
Main-sale Start: Nov 20, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) ~
Pre-sale: 20%
Main-sale: 10%
Tokens exchange rate: 1 BTC = 1,200,000 LIKER
Tokens exchange rate :  1 ETH = 7,000 LK
Minimal transaction amount: 0.015 ETH
Hard Cap: 50,000 ETH
Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH

Bounty Campaign LikerWorld - Reward $,500,000

Total Token allocated for this bounty will be 10,000,000 of LIKER Token (LK), and each Token worth $0.05. This means the total value of the Bounty Pool is approx.  US$5,00,000.

The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format: 

Twitter Campaign: 19%
Facebook Campaign: 19%
Translation Campaign: 10%
Telegram Campaign: 10%
Blog Article Campaign: 10%
Videos Campaign:10%
Signature Campaign: 15%
Reddit Campaign: 5%
Reserved: 2%

Manager Bounty: LIKERWORLD or newsilike

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