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AIR WALLET - Dompet Manajemen Cryptocurrency

What do you suppose if I will evaluate an article associated with airdrop ?? Do you have boredom with the tasks given by the airdrop project? Or are you worn out of hearing the phrase airdrop which is currently very a great deal airdrop scam? At this time there have been a lot of duties done by each airdrop project and even a lot of airdrop are directed to complete it on other websites! And after you do everything.

Tasks will revenue go to your non-public wallet? The answer is that some of the revenue does now not go to dimpet! What is the answer?

WATER WALLET! Yes, this is right! Air wallet will erase all the hassle your journey when you attempt to take part in the airdrop project! The Airwallet crew will sincerely make a platform so that all airdrop participants will no longer journey difficulties if they grow to be members.

Please refer to the article beneath !! I will give an explanation for in detail about AIR WALLET.

What is Air Wallet?

AIRWALLET is a unit of technology produced by ethereum, this wallet application is based on ethereum erc-20, and this is one of the cryptocurrency wallets that will make it easier for all users to store assets in a very simple way and this wallet application will receive various airdrop projects. Ethereum is one platform that can produce erc-20-based tokens, many crypto experts have stated that this technology is safe from attacks by any hacker.

The team juggled very cleverly to make a wallet that made it very easy for all users, Tim changed the ethereum platform which was used only to create tokens but now it is a very secure cryptocurrency wallet. the AirWallet team has also invested in ICO and will receive various airdrop projects. Speaking of AirWallet wallets, of course, there will be a uniqueness in the wallet after I searched the pages of their white paper, I found the magic button that will be used to move assets to another wallet. your assets are not lost.

As we know today, that Cryptocurrency-based trading has greatly increased its popularity and also now there has been a shift between the ico project to the airdrop project, AirWallet paved the way to change the marketing channel that has become the latest marketing channel, openness of AirWallet can also be used to run Host Projects and forms to get user-based exchanges. This submitted process will make everyone who does not understand the world of cryptocurrency joins a project that has enormous potential. Everyone who will join the water wallet will get a very extraordinary convenience and know how to buy digital assets for the first time, all users who do not understand how to invest or participate in the ICO will be directed until the user understands in detail about the confusion will be faced. As I said in the beginning of the discussion about this air wallet that air wallet will simplify the various processes that exist in Airdrop Project, but not only that, swallow water also has a very popular destination for various people because AirWallet presents everyone's visibility to the industry blockchain.

Problem Statement

At this time the growth of the ICO market is having problems and AirWallet has found two problems that must be solved.

1. Airdrops are difficult to find, find and participate.

Airdrop is one of the projects that are in great demand by everyone, all projects will use this airdrop to dance to everyone to support the project, so at this time the airdrop is difficult to find and not even get a chance to join,

Airdrop is a very complicated project if the user wants to register, not even all users get approval to register because the user does not fulfill the specified task, if you know that airdrop represents a physical currency. Registered users will need a very long time and the effort needed, this process will make the project grow more slowly.

2. Less number of participants.

There are a number of websites that will notify you of bringing an airdrop project in the future but from the many websites, it will confuse participants when they want to register on a website that provides airdrop project schedules.

This is a very complicated one for users because all users will hunt for websites that provide airdrop projects in the future.


1. Efficient Asset Management.

Various assets will have the Airwallet platform so that all users can easily register and support all existing projects. If you support all projects and if the project that you support has finished, you will get the token from the project! Don't worry if the tokens you have are not listed on the exchange, your digital assets can be managed by you.

How do you manage these assets?
Air wallet will provide an exchange solution that has been created through various API exchanges, so you will be able to manage your assets very easily, not only that! You will also be very easy to save and view your digital assets.

2. A New Approach to Airdrops & Community Building.

Do you think you hang out if you hear the word airdrop?
Surely you will think if you hear the airdrop there will definitely be an exchange. And yes !! Your thoughts are right and the mind is in this AIR WALLET solution. Air wallet states that airdrop parts that are inseparable from the currency market or called cryptocurrency exchanges, both of which will become a single entity that will cause the function as currency marketing for the first time.

3. Visibility & Accessibility of the Blockchain Platform

In the Air Wallet application, there will be a lot of airdrops, it needs to be underlined that all the airdrops listed on the Air Wallet application will be very promising for all users, and tokens that can be a real life transaction. In the platform all users can browse without having to leave the Air wallet application, this exploration will be done only to search for airdrop programs, after which the air wallet will connect between the blockchain service providers and all platform users.

Details Token


If you have a token called water, then you can use the air wallet ecosystem facility, in the ecosystem itself there are 2 of these token functions, including paying goods and paying for services offered by the air wallet platform. We will describe the specifications of this token below.

Supply Token: 1,000,000,000 AIR
Sales Tokens: 25% of total supply
Soft cap: 5 million USD
IEO Selling Price: 0.06 USD.


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Thus the explanation of the wallet called AIR WALLET. For more information, please click the link below

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