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ICO Review | URIS – Cryptofunding for Entrepreneurs

Uris is a new and unique venture funding platform, backed by the blockchain. The platform has aspirations of changing the face of how entrepreneurs, particularly in developing countries, raise funds for their startup ventures. The platform wants to make such funding vastly more accessible to entrepreneurs around the world.

Project Outline and Objectives

Access to venture capital is extremely tough even for the most robust and experienced of business owners. Combining this with being from a developing country and the chances of receiving such funding are almost none. Uris hopes to be the catalyst for change in this regard.

With a particular focus on emerging markets and through harnessing the power of blockchain technology, Uris hopes to provide this innovative VC platform to all aspiring business owners. The platform itself will contain all of the professional tools required to assist businesses in charting their future course and reaching their funding goals.

Through the power of blockchain, the channels within the VC sector will be made wholly more accessible through the Uris platform. Not only that, the entire process will have complete security and transparency embedded thanks to the blockchain and smart contracts.

Uris hopes to begin creating improved access to funding very soon after completion of the token sale as it continues to build an extensive network of partnerships within the developed and developing the world.

Benefits and advantages of the Uris Platform

  1. There is an implementation of blockchain at the heart of the project URIS and its first automated startup investor. 
  2. URIS platform implements BUYBACK program which guarantees the buyback of the coin and this feature is not implemented by any other existing platforms. This will enable investors to liquidate their assets. 
  3. The project URIS has a well-defined roadmap which shall enable it to achieve its goals. 
  4. Only Blockchain based enterprise which focuses on lending support to other startups. This makes it a unique venture. 
  5. Uris has very well defined the token and fund allocation for the project. It shows that they have well planned for the successful implementation of the project. 
  6. Uris continuously looks to improve its functionality based on user experience. 
  7. URIS has MVP available for the users and is duly audited. 
  8. Team URIS have co-founders that have expertise in various aspects of blockchain functioning. 
  9. URIS claims for a HARD Cap of USD40 K which is achievable. 
  10. The onboard advisors have relevant work experience and they must contribute to the overall success of the project. 
  11. URIS token has multiple utilities which no other token has ever had. 

  1. The social media followers for the project is a concerning factor. The team can work with creative posts over various platforms to attract potential customers and hence can create a large consumer base. 
  2. Project URIS still lacks any review on YOUTUBE through Crypto/Blockchain believer. 
  3. Currently there no BOUNTY program for URIS. Although they have the proposition for the same in token allocation. 
Purpose of the project

The main goal of the creators of the Uris platform is to develop a transparent international ecosystem that allows prospective projects to have easier access to development funds and investors a reliable way to invest. 
Working principle
Within the platform for fundraising Uris will operate several sites: 
  • Uris Crowdfunding Platform; 
  • Uris Freelance Platform; 
  • Uris Exchange Platform. 
The first platform will allow developers of various projects to collect funds for further development and implementation of their own ideas. The Uris Crowdfunding Platform will provide a flexible form of investment with additional functionality. Within this platform, developers will be able to offer not only an idea, Uris but also tangible goods such as various T-shirts, caps, posters and other promotional products. The full set of Uris Crowdfunding Platform features will be announced after the launch of the site. 

For those people who are as confused as I used to be I would like to tell about a revolutionary solution in the VC funds sphere and sphere of startups. It will make your money work all over the world in the most possible efficient way. 
I am talking about the blockchain technology and the new platform based on it called Uris. Thanks to this invention of the large group of specialists in different spheres, we have a chance to use a completely decentralized ecosystem with the help of which markets will see economic growth and startups will be able to get to the different funds in a more easy way. If you see your present or future in investing, you should as well know that with Uris you will find new alternatives in your career. 

Dates and details of ICO

The creators of Uris intend to sell 105 million coins at a price of 0.2 dollars per URI. Public sales will be carried out in the period from the 1st of November of the current year to the 31st of the January 2019 year. Soft cap Project – 20000 ETH, Hardcap – 40000 ETH. 


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