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CryptoMarketAds - democratizing Crypto Advertising and Global Marketing ( CMA )

Crypto coins, one of the biggest economic developments after the invention of money, all experts agree that it will have a big place in the development of financial sector today and in the future. Due to the advantages such as high security, transparent structure, fast and without intermediaries and lack of center, a crypto money market is developing and expanding day by day. The number of those who think that the reserve money will end one day is also very high. If we give some examples to prove this, we can follow from the media that many countries, like Amazon, have developed their own crypto currency.

Advertising is the first method of applying all products and services when they are first introduced to the market or when they aim to reach new audiences. Advertising is the easiest and most effective way to reach the target audience. There are obstacles to crypto money creating an efficient advertising campaign. A new project is being developed in order to overcome these obstacles and maintain a useful advertising campaign. The name of this new project I will tell you Crypto Market Ads, more detailed information about the project can be found at https://cryptomarketads.com or https://www.cryptomarketads.com/CMA_whitepaper.pdf white paper report

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) is a project developed as an advertising and marketing platform for Blockchain based crypto currencies. It is a platform that solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by combining publishers and advertisers in the crypto market in one place. With a total market volume of $ 5 Billion, this platform is still active and accepting offers to offer new solutions for more efficient operation and more reasonable prices, and in just one week, more than 60 publishers have already signed up to offer crypto marketing and advertising services .

Publishers and service providers will compete with each other with marketing tactics such as lowest prices, competitive offers and instant communication. Today, many projects pay ten times more for ICO advertising. The CMA wants to change the way companies allocate goods and services by creating a truly global P2P (peer-to-peer) ecosystem that identifies companies' confidence in themselves and which products and offers are instantly available.

CMA brings together advertisers, publishers, bounty hunters, crypto consultants, impressors and interested people in a single platform. Thus, the Crypto money market, which faces restrictions and barriers in advertising, is gathering a secure and more attractive platform. An environment in which the entire crypto community can work together will be developed. The basis for the promotion of crypto projects will be prepared, and Ktipro asset projects will be protected from fraud and fraud and the market reliability will increase.

MCA will stand out with three services
  • Providing consulting services.
  • Present relevant Buy or Sell offers of crypto currencies of existing or new blockchain projects.
  • The project was awarded the A1 degree by ICOTOP, an independent crypto evaluation organization, which was named among the top 3 ICOs of 2019, which explains the reality and importance of the project.

Crypto Market Ads IEO on IDAX.pro 

CMA will make two pre-sales at the IDAX Foundation!

First sales start time:June 17, 2019 13:00(UTC+8)
end of sale: June 18 13:00(UTC+8)

Second sales start time:June 18,2019 13:00(UTC+8)
end of sale: June 19 13:00(UTC+8)

Expected listing time:Aug 31, 2019 18:00 (UTC+8)

Before conducting the first IEO on IDAX.pro you can buy the CMA coin at its cheapest price for only 0.005 USD by participating in the Private Sale!

Simply write to info@cryptomarketads.com stating the amount of CMA coins you would like to purchase and the crypto coin you will pay with.

Participating in the IEO of CMA project on IDAX (www.idax.pro) is an amazing investment opportunity that you cannot miss.

Token Details and Distribution

To participate in the project launch, you can contribute as a bounty hunter or buy CryptoMarket Ads token. Ten billion units will be issued, of which 50% is available for Personal and IEO sales; coins that are not obtained will be burned based on the parameters specified in the official Crypto Market Ads documentation. Private Sales starts on April 20 and anyone can participate except residents of the United States. Token distribution specified in Crypto Market Ads Whitepaper shows the following proportions:
  • 50% Private Sales & IEO (Bulk Sales)
  •  10% Marketing, gifts, sales, referrals & advisors.
  •  20% Exchange & backup.
  •  10% Founder of Crypto Market Ads (Locking one year).
  •  10% of members of the Crypto Market Ads Team (Locking one year).
  • Token created: 10,000,000,000 CMA
  • Tokens issued: 5,000,000,000 CMA
  • Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Pre sale: 15/05/2019
  • Public sale: 12/06/2019


We all know how effective advertising is. Even the world's giant companies spend a lot of money on advertising, and get more than that. Crypto money will also benefit the project owners by lowering the advertising costs of the market, and will also provide investors with great assistance in investing in true and true projects. I think that this project, which will contribute to the development of the market with the elimination of the trust problem that the market needs, will be successful. You can find answers to all the questions you may have about the project by visiting the links below. You can also decide to join the ongoing ICO stage after your research.

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