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IEO Blockium - financial crypto games

The gaming industry is a hotbed of innovations as the community is somewhat open to engaging with new and exciting products. Consequently, this makes the sector instead of an ideal option for technological change that enables new ways of incentive gaming for the players. Those interested in financial gaming should have an interest in the next pioneering innovation offer a dynamic level of gaming experience and could have the potential to impact the future of crypto investing. Here are the means the game plans to utilize.

What Is Blockium?

Blockium is a financial gaming platform that utilizes blockchain technology to make the players gaming experiences more competitive while trading in the stock markets. The gaming platform will combine the best of the gaming world and the investment sector to offer a trading tournament where the players get rewards and incentives in the form of crypto. All these features will work under a decentralized peer-to-peer system where traders get to compete against each other, with the winners taking crypto prizes.

Blockium – the unique financial gamification platform, uniting stocks & crypto traders by launching an IEO on Bitforex exchange. Blockium provides the crowd with the innovative possibility to execute financial trading against friends & strangers and make huge daily profits. The community (30K users existing) will get incentives back from the platform in air-drop trading competitions, as well as for sharing, liking, writing or streaming content.

We are excited to announce that Blockium, a leading financial gamification platform, will be launching an IEO with Bitforex, one of the leading decentralized exchanges in Asia.

The Blockium ICO platform offers financial competitions on Stocks/Crypto/FX and indices from the top global exchanges so users may compete for prizes based on real-time market data. Blockium provides its users with a historical opportunity to execute their trading skills against others (friends and strangers) in order to make daily profits. Our concept creates the next generation of financial trading online with marginal profit potential for users based on the competition. On the basis of this mechanism, Blockium ICO is making financial trading attractive to everyone with any budget.

IEO program in Bitforex

  • The token wears a BOK marker
  • Total offer: 650,000,000 tokens
  • Cost of one token: 0,023 $
  • Total allocated for sale: 52 000 000 000 BOK
  • Development based on ERC-20 protocol

The IEO program itself will be launched on the Coineal Exchange and listed immediately there. In the future, other cryptocurrency exchanges will also be waiting for us.


An IEO through Bitforex is the perfect approach for Blockium to take as we begin an outreach strategy that penetrates the Asian market through the exchange’s branches in China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam,” said Gilad Raz, CEO of Fokoya. “Fundraising via IEO will allow Blockium to consistently develop company activities, as well as the platform’s token economy, with an optimized product that acts as a gaming competition resource to anyone the trading world. Tokenization is key, as it will create b2b opportunities for us in the future, while meeting the needs of our crypto community immediately.”

Under the token name and symbol Blockium – BOK, the approximate amount up for sale is 650,000,000 tokens at an IEO volume of 8%. The issue price will be offered at USD 0.023, as Blockium pursues a hard cap of USD 1.2M.

What is the business model of the Blockium platform?

The platform charges 5%-10% of the total entry fee for each contest.

All holders of internal tokens are entitled to 25% of the project's profits. The entire case will be distributed quarterly.



Blockium Conclusion

Finding a feasible way to reward gamer financially is bound to have a massive impact on gaming for Blokcium. With their established model there are real benefits that the players are tied to take advantage of thanks to the technological change. Here are the impacts that come with using Blockium.

  • Gamers get cryptocurrency rewards for playing
  • The peer-to-peer ecosystem allows for a more inclusive gaming experience
  • The use of blockchain technology allows for virtually impossible data tampering, therefore, ensuring a fair gaming result and compensation.
  • Incentivizing the financial gaming scene in crypto will help potential enthusiasts to learn, and eventually earn profits from crypto trading in a more straightforward and free method.

Blockium platform:
Bitcointalk: polyballz2
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2409174
ETH: 0x253a402762461AC42D970EFC1c1884cEe2e9953D
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