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NUPay, the revolutionary payment platform

Hi crypto lovers, I dedicate this article to talk about the NUPay project (https://www.nupaymentalliance.com/). NUPay is creating a new way of paying. In addition to cryptocurrencies, NUPay also provides a platform for online and offline payments. The NUPay payment platform will allow you to use your membership and cryptocurrency points for normal FIAT payments. In the rest of the article I will explain this fantastic project in more detail. Follow me!!!


Many cryptocurrency payment service providers are attempting to resolve the recurring problems of current legacy payment systems where unnecessary intermediate steps involve complex or inefficient procedures with additional costs. Changes in exchange charges between currencies, which include hidden conversion fees, is another prevalent problem. Many cryptocurrency payment service providers have also proposed their own solutions, including cryptocurrency-based debit cards, online and offline payment platforms and / or cryptocurrency exchange services for currency conversion, as alternatives to the system current. However, these cryptocurrency payment projects face difficulties in finding business partners and establishing a stable systematic connection with the existing payment infrastructure.


The NUPay payment platform plays a crucial role in connecting users and merchants. The extensive partnership with on and offline stores throughout Korea will provide the scalability of the TPCT token, which will ultimately fulfill its role as a real currency.

NUPay is a simple and efficient payment system that will allow users to conduct easy and convenient cryptocurrency transactions, vouchers and reward points in the same way to use FIAT credit and money cards. The NUPay payment platform will offer the following advantages:

  1. The execution of payment based on Blockchain, will remove all intermediaries from the transaction, allowing payment to the lowest possible commissions through the offer of a decentralized payment process based on effective blockchain.
  2. Various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, gift vouchers, vouchers and reward points, will be compatible with the platform and can be used to purchase goods and services. When a payment is made on the NUPay platform, a maximum of 2% of the total purchase amount will be credited to the user's account in TPCT token. Accredited TPCT tokens can be used like other cryptocurrencies, reward points and vouchers in the user's NUPay account.
  3. Technical support will be provided to existing cryptocurrency holders when they use TPCT tokens and other cryptocurrencies, not only as a means of investment but also as a payment tool in the vast network of NUPay partner stores.

The NUPay platform

NUPay, a simple payment platform, is a payment service through which users can use not only cryptocurrencies but also vouchers and reward points. In addition to supporting the use of TPCT tokens, NUPay will also support other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and XRP so that they can be easily used. In addition to the main cryptocurrencies, all cryptocurrencies that wish to participate will be available on NUPay at any time.

Here are the main actors of the platform

Merchants. Through the NUPay network, merchants can benefit from consumer interaction. Due to the expansion of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, vouchers and reward points, consumers will visit stores that have installed NUPay Network, which will help merchants protect customers, increase sales and manage customers easily. A concise user interface, easily accessible by anyone, allows easy customer management and allows merchants to use relevant customer data to improve operations. Merchants can easily connect to the NUPay network through the POS devices they currently use, payment can also be made by scanning the QR code.

User. NUPay users instantly receive 2% of each purchase in the form of a TPCT token. The same 2% rule also applies to other compatible means of payment (reward points and vouchers) used. The tokens received can be spent in all partner stores and in all stores that have installed the NUPay payment platform. The reward system will motivate users to use NUPay continuously and routinely, thereby increasing transaction volumes, the value of TPCT tokens, along with the demand for these tokens in the market.

NUPay Blockchain. NUPAY Blockchain being the NUPay base, users and merchants assign and store all payment history, such as account balances, transaction details and payment addresses in a main node. Nodes designated for validation in the master node will efficiently verify transactions within the NUPay blockchain and will be able to add a new network of users and participants when needed.

NUPay Scan. NUPay Scan is a component that controls transactions between NUPay Blockchains. You can search for all verified transactions, the wallet and smart contract. NUPay Scan works in a similar way to BlockCypher by BTC or Etherscan by ETC.

The TPCT token

The TPCT token will be the fuel that stimulates and enables communication within the NUPay ecosystem, not only as a means of payment but also as an agent that verifies, determines and processes the activities that connect each component and member of the network. The NUPay protocol removes transaction costs and other expensive commercial costs. Therefore, traders will be less restricted and will be better able to make a profit, as more users are encouraged to use the protocol. The TPCT token can be used to purchase goods or services. NUPay users will be required to enter a minimum balance of 5,000 TPCT tokens. This will create an increasing correlation between the number of NUPay users and the value of the TPCT token. NUPay users will be classified into different enrollment levels based on the amounts of TPCT tokens deposited and the number of purchases. The conditions for the membership rankings are the following:

Furthermore, as the NUPay user pool gets bigger and bigger, the NUPay team will apply the NUPay Loyalty Function to the benefit of loyal NUPay users. Currently the TPCT token is designed to meet the ERC-20 standard compatible with the Ethereum network. To provide a faster and more stable payment blockchain, the team has a roadmap to develop its own mainnet. The following are details of the token and ICO:

  • Name: TPCT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Supply: 2.500.000.000 TPCT
  • Standard Set: 1 ETH = 15625 TPCT
  • Supply ICO: 64.000 ETH = TPCT
  • Softcap: 5000.000.000 TPCT
  • Hardcap: TPCT

The token allocation will be as follows.

The ICO will be launched in the second half of 2019. I advise you to follow the updates directly on the site. I conclude by saying that I consider NUPay a very interesting project and, if the team respects the promises of the Whitepaper, surely NUPay will acquire an ever increasing scene in other countries outside Korea. Here are the contacts and social platforms of the project:

NUPay Website: http://nupaymentalliance.com/
TPCT Website: http://tpct.io/
Whitepaper: http://tpct.io/filedownload_white.php?lang=en
Medium: https://medium.com/nupay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NUPayTeam
Telegram: https://t.me/NUPay_English_Comm

Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2357404
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