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Authoreon — Decentralizing Authorization, Authentication

With the inception of Blockchain Technology, there are many applications have come into existence which can help humans for numerous real life works. Now, there is Blockchain application for everything like Anonymous transactions, payment cards, smart contracts, fast transfer and much more but when it comes to security of all these applications or the security of online applications as a whole, there are no blockchain application which can provide absolute security of our online presence.

As we are all aware of the facts that internet crimes, aka Cyber crimes are increasing day by day and they are circling the major companies with vulnerable securities measures. Ransomwares have become common these days along with identity thefts, password phishing, and email hacks. Everything is vulnerable these days when it comes to online presence. These issues are causing millions of dollars of losses to major companies as well as economies. In order to get over these vulnerabilities, one foolproof system is needed.

Well, now using Blockchain technology, a platform came into existence which can provide all the online security by using a single end. The platform name is Authoreon (AUTH).

Authoreon Overview

Authoreon is a blockchain based decentralized platform which allows it's users and automated systems to authorize, authenticate, verify and certify the major functions which are more prone to hacking or uncertain security issues.

Authoreon platform is focused to prevent fraud, cyber attacks, ransomware attacks, identity thefts, unsecured authorization in order to provide a complete security to all the functions where it is implemented.

How Authoreon (AUTH) Works ?

Authoreon works by implementing three overlays security protocols to provide enhanced safety and security to overall functions.

Let's have a look on these three Security Overlay Protocols:

Ethereum Blockchain

The first protocol for Authoreon is Ethereum blockchain which is a public, superfast, open source and very innovative blockchain which introduced distributed computing platform to provide a decentralized complete virtual interface to execute smart contracts.

Ethereum Blockchain process the transactions at a very high speed and efficiency while maintaining the security of overall system.


Synapase is another protocol implemented by Authoreon on top of Ethereum Blockchain. It is basically an independent layer works like Artificial neural network, aka Artificial Intelligence to authorize, authenticate and verify the transactions happening over the Ethereum Blockchain. In order to provide more security, every transaction has gone through Synapase as well before fully executed.

Another important feature is that it makes transactions lightning fast while maintaining the reliability and solving the scalability issues.

Access Lock

The access lock layer is the prequel to the synapase layer. This layer allows the transactions over to the synapase layer after proper authorizations.  For this purpose Authoreon has developed the ²²-key-algorithm, providing one static key with a dynamic (temporary) key only if the other key is still valid by authorization and vice versa. Access is only granted to two dynamic keys. This mechanism replaces the traditional two-factor authentication enabling a wide range of potential applications.

Autheon (AUN) Token 

The Autheon Token is the in-built cryptocurrency token of Authoreon Platform. It allows users to perform different functions within the Authoreon Platform like authorizing new assets, registering new assets within the platform, providing the access to the security platforms and much more. 

The maximum supply of Autheon Tokens : 90.000.000 AUN

Symbol: AUN
Decimal: 18

AUN Price

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