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TemTum: Cryptocurrency on the Temporal Blockchain Network

TemTum exists to continually define the boundaries of blockchain and evolve its capability with its Temporal technology. It focuses on creating a future that is held in the hands of anyone with the most basic forms of technology, bringing access to vital financial services, and empowering the unbanked.

This will be a future for everyone, regardless of geographical locations, in which benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrency will be available for all. That future will not destroy the environment.

Here Comes TemTum

The creators of TemTum believe that blockchain needs to evolve further for the sake of cryptocurrency. For that reason, TemTum seeks to secure a truly distributed, decentralized, and democratic future of finance.

This will lead to a system where transactions will be secure, traceable, and transparent. This, it will achieve using the quantum attack resistant architecture that its experts are known for.

Additionally, TemTum aims to establish a future that will be environment friendly. The platform has not only seen this positive future but it has designed the technology, built it, tested it, and mapped out how it will implement it in the real world.

TemTum is an ultra lightweight, superfast, quantum secure decentralized network that redefines the boundaries of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to empower financial freedom. It is a next-generation blockchain built for speed, scalability, low resource, and security.


Temporal network comes with unrivalled speed powered by an existing blockchain technology. The network has achieved up to 120,000 TPS in its lab environment and theoretically unlimited, directly influenced by the scale of the network.

The ultra-lightweight architecture, efficiency and consensus of transactions on Temporal leads to incredible verification speed.

Scalability (Low resource nodes)

Temporal allows for short-term data storage on nodes, while keeping the integrity of the blockchain and its full history. With its consensus algorithm, transactions no longer need to go to every node. Instead, they are sent directly to the leader node.

Therefore, no wasted resources are spent on needless duplication of messages. The reduction in storage and processing power makes possible the participation in the network from low-resource devices, while using less energy than existing blockchain technology.

Security (Quantum secure)

Uniquely constructed around the NIST beacon, Temporal is able to broadcast full-entropy bit-strings in blocks of 512 bits every 60 seconds. This stable method for generating randomness, unpredictability, and consistency creates a key that is theoretically impossible to pre-compute.

Temporal’s quantum mechanics and the use of light over processors, create a level of randomness never before experienced in computing. Additionally, Temporal network topology and security implementation has been tested by Crest accredited firm BSI, several times and found to be highly secure, robust, and confirms the platform’s claims.

Low-resource (Consensus Algorithm)

TemTum’s consensus algorithm removes the requirement for mining and eliminates the need for highly wasteful and restrictive consensus protocols such as Proof-of-Work.

Proof-of-Work currently requires trillions of pointless energy-intensive computational calculations in order to validate transactions. With TemTum’s unique consensus algorithm, it is possible to reduce this to a single calculation that each node can independently calculate and arrive at the same result.

Blockchain Research

TemTum has spent the past five years researching blockchain. It boasts as the only Blockchain PhD as part of its founding team. The research culminated in the development of the superior Temporal Blockchain.

Temporal - A step change for blockchain

Temporal Blockchain technology transforms the way the blockchain works by reconstructing how peer-to-peer networks scale. It operates with less power, energy and storage, and processes transactions on very low-resourced devices at extremely high speeds, with an unparalleled degree of security. The temtum network can be scaled rapidly and at minimal cost. temtum eliminates the need for centralised pools of specialised hardware, delivering a blockchain network that’s environmentally conscious and can be run on any device connected to the web – even a smartphone.

This means that our vision of a truly decentralised, fully scalable network that can be placed in the hands of the many rather than the few is fully achievable. Yet with previous blockchain technology – which theoretically supported a similar vision – that simply wasn’t the case. Our technology innovations have supported the necessary evolution of blockchain, which in turn means that the temtum cryptocurrency represents a compelling mass-market proposition at a global level.

To Conclude

We believe that temtum represents a remarkable new opportunity beyond block change and the first mass-adoption of a cryptocurrency. In fact, we believe that there is a common form of basic new and and better way of structuring financial relationships that are more environmentally friendly, transparent, traceable, secure and reliable than existing cryptocurrencies.

We have an inherent flaws in the existing technology, we have outlined in this paper. This has meant that the blockchain cryptocurrencies have not delivered the user benefits they promised and, as a direct consequence of this, have failed to achieve widespread adoption.

The technology builds on the previous blockchain theory but represents a significant evolution from the previous technology, which delivers an enhanced experience in terms of speed, resource use, energy costs, environmental impact and true decentralization. Our work in quantum randomness also ensures complete security.

Exploring opportunities within existing markets such as gaming and e-commerce, has opened new opportunities for the sake of providing payment solutions for high transaction platforms, which will directly benefit from innovations that underpin proprietary technology. As we have demonstrated above, this groundbreaking cryptocurrency has been fully developed, deployed and tested and is ready for full integration with existing payment systems to ensure the seamless adoption of technology by regular consumers.

Our vision is a positive one. We believe that the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets will not only transform; it will make the world a better place for more people. We have a truly world-class and dedicated team that is fully committed to achieving it. We invite you to join us on our exciting journey to the future of finance.


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