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Ezystayz Review : A Global Holiday Rental Platform

Ezystayz is an existing hotel and property rental platform which offers the simplest consumer & host prices and therefore the lowest fees on the market. Ezystays are looking to leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize the booking-renting process into the 21st century and bridge the gap between crypto payments and fiat. Ezystayz platform is safe and a userfriendly p2p platform for the hospitality and blockchain industry.

EzyStayz may be a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation properties round the world. Our aim is to offer crypto holders direct access to the short and long-term vacation rental opportunities globally.

We run a totally functioning platform that gives a seamless, quick, and low-cost thanks to rent or list rental properties in 34,000 cities and 190 countries worldwide with none of the regulatory burdens related to it. the event and launch of a native cryptocurrency related to EzyStayz will introduce a layer of decentralization borrowing from the crypto sector and permit end customers and property owners to affect one another on the platform with none fee or commission.

Making Ezystaz‘ fees payable in both crypto and fiat currencies may be a major a part of our revenue model. this enables us to introduce crypto-currencies into an excessively regulated and slow market to facilitate land transactions on a worldwide scale for crypto holders.

We decide to maximize this uniqye advantage which will offer the gloabal crypto community an opportunity to utilize their vast crypto currency wealth, which in some countries is now being blocked thanks to heavy regulatory restrictions. Service cost and transactions on the platform are made both cheap and efficient because of an already existing and fully developed business model and a 5-year growth and marketing forecast with projections (see Appendix).

To encourage the utilization of our own crypto currency, hosts and travellers that prefer to buy Ezystaz’ services and costs within the native Ezystaz‘s token (EZT), will receive a 25% discount. this is often applicable to:

  • 10% service charge collected by the customer
  • 3% service charge collected by the host
  • Additional services purchased on the marketplace

Working Platform

Ezystayz have already got a totally Operational Platform, Where you'll Explore, Host, Book And Rent Accommodation round the World. Discover A Live Listing Website With Real-World Value – a worldwide Pool Of Holiday Properties. Because The EzyStayz Platform Is Live And Fully Operational, they're Focusing Our Efforts On Sales And Marketing To Further Increase Our User Base Through Target Advertising And Global Reach.
  • Global Reach
Ezystayz.Com quite 155,000 Properties In 34,000 Cities And 190 Countries Worldwide.
  • Low Rates
EzyStayz Transactions Cost 2 or maybe 3 Times but Platforms Like AirBnb And HomeAway.

User-Friendly Platform
Control Your Experience On The Platform With Blockchain-Based Modules.
  • Seamless Payment
They Bridge The Gap Between Crypto And Fiat, Making Cross Border Payments Easy With The Ezy Stayz (EZT) Token.

  • Inefficient Rental Platforms
Existing Holiday Rental Platforms Are Centralised With Limited Marketing Possibilities And High Fees For Both Landlords And Tenants.
  • Billions Frozen In Crypto
Ezystayz.Com Growing Crypto Community Can’t Utilise This New sort of Currency To Book Holiday Accommodation While Hotels And Landlords Are Missing Out On an enormous Revenue Stream.
  • Poor Holiday Rental Experience
Multiple Intermediaries Make Vacation Accommodation Booking an upscale , Time-Consuming And Frustrating Process.
  • Lack Of Consumer Focus And User Control
Limited Control Over Landlord-Tenant Interactions And Listing Features, leading to but Optimal Search Results And Travel Experiences.

EzyStayz Of Existing Business

In contrast to several other companies launching token sales, we have already got a functioning platform. We founded EzyStayz in 2016 with the intent to unite tenants and landlords and simplify the rental process. To date, we've raised $1.5 millions privately capital investments – funds we replace within the development and upgrade of EzyStayz architecture and repair offering.
Currently, EzyStayz boasts rental properties in 34,000 cities and 195 countries. Our current portfolio includes 1,892+ Hotel Chains and 1 Million+ Accommodations (Hotels, Hostels, Villas, Apartments and more) worldwide.

We are ideally positioned for the short and long-term vacation land space with an already operational business which will operate internationally and ensure a good , frictionless, and seamless vacation rental process for all parties involved.


A peer-to-peer booking platform

Ezystays has its own booking platform where every traveller can connect directly with property owners and you'll never divulge you're earning to a centralized party.
Unlike centralized services, Ezystays doesn't curate the deals themselves, Instead, Ezystays believe smart contracts that automatically release the funds. when specific conditions are met.

There are two main benefits to the present booking platform.

  • 1- the value of intermediary services decreases.
  • 2- Property owners do not have to offer away half their profit anymore.
  • 3- Travellers get an equivalent level of services with full transparency.

As we all believe that Blockchain technologies can make this world more transparent and fair.

Ezystayz aims to supply travellers with cheap hospitality services and help the property owners on the Blockchain technology platform.

Token of EzyStayz platform

Name : EZY
Token Type ERC20 — Ethereum
Total supply : 5,600,000,000 EZY
Price Token : $0.013

EZY has been listed on the FOBLGATE exchange. : https://www.foblgate.com/trade?pairName=EZY/KRW



Nowadays if you create a plane to travel abroad and visit some beautiful places within the world then it's i feel your dream if you're during a bourgeoisie . As we all know that the most important issues with the hospitality market are associated with high cost. the worth which you buy an area via centralized service comprises not only of the room/compartment owner expenses but the share of this sum goes also to the intermediary that ask the owner to advertise its services to worldwide. But this is often totally unfair! i'm sure you all will think like me. You all are absolutely right, But don't be concerned Ezystays has taken steps to beat this issue and supply fully transparent services with none middlemen.

This project helps me as well as everyone in the world know about it. It helps us to rent short-term vacation, rent a villa for rent with very good price is generally very cheap compared to the market, I hope the project can be further developed, Wish the project a success. better and better, thrive even more.

Website : https://io.ezystayz.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ezystayz2014
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EzyStayz-482400071941656/
Telegram : https://t.me/EzyStayzofficial
Medium : https://medium.com/@ezystayz
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ezystayz/
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvQOHa-9pwh_PEEsgjsFWQ/featured

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