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Refercoins easier bounty platform

Refercoins is an industry-leading bounty platform. We offer solutions for Bounty Campaigns to take care of all the complexities, from creating campaigns, to gathering participants, verifying them, caring for Bitcointalk and even handling the distribution of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Our automated system handles verification of the hunter's activities, while our verification team ensures quality.

While the platform handles Bounties, we are also agents with services ranging from community management and social media management to smart contracting and blockchain development.

With this new platform, it is able to make it easy for hunters to get bitcoin and crypto easily, so this Refercoins platform is made to make it easier for you all.

Verifed Participants

We constantly check our bounty hunters to make sure your campagin only recives real and valid endtries. No spam or lousy work.

Real Tim Stats 

After your bounty campaign is created you'll have a dedicated page white real tim stats for you campaign, all whithout the hassle of creating  an account.

Bounty variety

We offer a large variety of bounty types. Your campaign will include Facebook, Twitter, Content, Signature.

Comunity Management

Our community managers will work exclusively on your campaign to make sure all your channe; are moderated and your public gets.

Paymet Distribution

We handle the bounty payment for you so you don't have to delay your tasks and go through the hassle, giving you more time to focus on.

Full Control

  • Easily connect your media sosial and Bitcointalk
  • Check your current campaigns and entries in the'My Work" section
  • Never miss a payment because of a wrong addres, change it yourself on your profile
  • Get Notified when a campaign end dan your entries are accepted


Refercoins seems like a promising platform that solves an enormous problem with bounty hunting: keeping track of all of your bounties and being paid during a crypto that has monetary value! I couldn’t tell you ways repeatedly I’ve completed an equivalent simple tasks and lose track of which coins should be paying and not get the payment or to urge paid in whatever coin that’s worthless and can never hit the exchange. I don’t have the time to stay track of of these coins or write support tickets for the constant non-payments. Bounty hunters do upfront work and its not ethical when a coin doesn’t uphold their a part of the bounty and not buy the tasks completed.

Refercoins easier bounty platform Refercoins easier bounty platform Reviewed by haw on June 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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